Village Church Kids Ten Years Ago

Over the last two years I’ve been going through my hundreds of VHS tapes from over fifteen years of children’s ministry as a children’s pastor and came across a video recently that I made TEN YEARS AGO around this time as a children’s ministry appreciation video. This was in my pre-Mac days and so I had a lot of help from the youth pastor at my previous church, Jim Crouter, in making this. It’s been nearly two years since I resigned from the Village Church of Barrington and they have recently hired a new children’s pastor. I’m very happy for the church, but it has made me sentimental about all the many happy memories I have from eight wonderful years on staff there. (Josh, you snagged up the best CP job in the country!) VCB was a wonderful church to work at with a great staff and awesome volunteers and, of course, super kids! I know some of my friends there follow my blog so I thought they’d enjoy seeing what their teenagers looked like ten years ago! I still know the names of most of the kids in this video. Wow, does time go by fast! I miss them all, but I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of their lives.

ENJOY: Celebrate Kids! featuring the children of VCB in 1998!

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  1. Nice video. I love going back myself and looking over past kids and the great times had by all.

  2. Wow. In 1998 I would have been one of the kids! I was 12!

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