Target WEAK in the Force!

OK, I went to Target, and found them to be very weak in the force. None of the employees even knew about the online ads and there was very little Star Wars stuff, and what there was (2 items) were few in number and spread out. I did pick up 2 big bags of M&M’s and a box of Pop Tarts:

First Pop Tarts I’ve purchased in YEARS…
good marketing works, I guess!The small print is quite funny on most of them:

TO DOOKU: Watch where you’re pointin’ that things!
TO TROOPER: A little round for a Stormtrooper, aren’t you?MORE EXCITING NEWS:

I will be going to the MIDNIGHT TOYS R US OPENING
in Vernon Hills on Friday, April 1st!

I did this for Episode I and it was a TON of FUN! Not sure if this one will be the same, but at the first one (they didn’t do this for Episode II) I got there at 10 p.m. and 15th in line. By midnight there were HUNDREDS of people in line, ALL MEN (except for 2 brave women). I was only going to buy a few items, but when the doors opened I almost got stampeeded! I tried to look through the toys, but I guess I had underestimated the impact of 20 years without Star Wars toys! Within 5 minutes EVERY STAR WARS TOY had been snagged up, and I had to do the same thing: fill a cart with whatever I could grab. It was THEN that the real fun begame that lastest for hours!! The entire store turned into a swap meet! Fortunately, I had taken a high schooler with me! Everyone set up mini ‘stores’ or booths through the Toys R Us. I took some bikes down and set up my shop on the carpeted shelves. Then we spent hours trading with others – you want Darth Maul? I need an Obi-Won. This other guy was Obi-Won, but needs the Senator Palpatine… by the time you got the one you needed to trade for the one you wanted, the guy already had it! By the end of the night, I had managed to gather every figure… so I bought them all. (26) Interesting (no offense women) but all the female figures were sliding around on the floor unwanted, so I got a Padme. Granted, this was before the movie came out so none us knew… oh, never mind. Let’s just say Padme is more popular that Princess Leia ever was. :)

I am all set for this Friday with all my Toys R Us dollars from my Toys R Us credit card from the entire past year – so all the toys I get will be free! Kinda cool, huh?? Been saving them up for this very event. Still looking for someone to go with me this time…. any volunteers?


Darth Potatoe Head!
Lord of the Fries!

and the

The Ideal Walking Carpet Cleaner!

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  1. I see you have constructed your own blog, indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has forseen… but you are not a Tanner yet!

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