Order of the Ancient… a Short Story!


My Blog Readers always get the inside scoop! So you can be the first to know that I have written an Order of the Ancient Short Story called: Josiah and the Mysterious Child. (A Christmas Special!) I get lots of requests for “Book 2” – so this is my way to try and answer the calls for the further adventures of Brent Camdon.

This 12 page mini-novelette will be released on Kidology.org as a PDF download early in December. (I will update this post when it is live) It is currently being reviewed by a few select readers (several are expert kids!) and edited… and will be available soon!

The unedited teaser has been removed. The complete story is now available on Kidology.org:




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  1. Karl,

    My son Zac has not been able to put down your first book ever since he got it from you. He takes it to school and it creates a ton of great conversations. I actually got in trouble from him for not telling him about it before you came here. My bad.

    Thanks for taking a direction of just not complaining about some books or movies that have come out directed toward kids, but doing something about it yourself.

    So I don’t get in trouble again, Zac says if you ever need any other expert kid readers to look something over he volunteers.

  2. Ooooo I can’t wait to read the rest!

    Though I have to say that, “Patience they said. Always trying to develop his virtues they were.”

    Sounds a little more like Yoda than Brent. :)

  3. Yeah, gotta get my Star Wars in there. (we’ll see if it makes it past the editing stage) :) there is an Apple computer hint in the story – look for that too when it is released.

  4. “as his captive said, ‘I am your FATHER!’ ”

    Karl, that was Patty’s instant completion of the sentence. And, I concur!

    Love, Dad

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