Yes, I waited in line for an OS


Yes, it’s true. I waited in line for an operating system. But then again, this was not just any operating system… it is an Apple Operating System, something truly worth looking forward to, every time. Originally, I wasn’t going to wait in line for Leopard like I did for my iPhone, but as it turned out, I was doing training our youngest Kidology Team Member and decided it would be fun to do with him, so we went and got in line!


Chad and Karl – Mac Nerds, and Proud of it!

We got in line with several hundred other Mac fanatics… many busy on their iPhones, and were happy to see we were close enough to get the free t-shirt!


Me with my free Apple Mac T-Shirt!

The Apple Store employees are a hoot. Literally! They cheered for each group of 10 that were allowed in forming two lines that you passed through to enter. You kinda felt like Moses walking through the Red Sea. The enthusiasm was a little silly – but it made it a fun event. Come, on! Who would cheer for the lastest version of Windows… that’s more like, “Well, OK, I guess I should upgrade, the version I have stinks and is riddled with problems, maybe the new one will be better, at least for a little while. How much is it gonna cost me? Sigh. Ho Hum. A new Windows operating system.” But with a Mac, you just know it will be loaded with cool practical stuff that actually does what it claims.

Happy Mac Fanatics!

Soon we were back at Chad’s installing our beautiful new operating system. Chad’s installed in just under 1.5 hours. I did a full erase and install to get a clean start with the new OS and mine installed in under an hour. But of course, then I had to re-install my software, and restore Mail, Calendar, Address Book, Bookmarks, Preferences, Music, Pictures, data, etc. But after all the stuff I install and uninstall, I like to use an OS upgrade as an opportunity to start with a clean “out of the box” machine.


Mentoring sometimes means sharing Mac tips!

By the way, I gotta tell ya, I was meeting with Chad to train him on some projects, but I love young people because I left learning a ton too… (like try this: apple-option 8 and then use apple-option + or – to zoom in or out on your screen, and move the mouse around! Just do apple-option-8 again to go back to normal!)

If you don’t have a Mac, you know I recommend it… and I won’t even go there now. If you do have a Mac, Leopard is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

It’s outtathisworld!

UP-DATE: (sent to me by Chad)

If Microsoft had designed the iPod packaging. (This is too funny and too true)


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  1. Karl,

    Have you re-installed any of your third-party apps yet back on your machine? Any that aren’t working on Leopard? I’ll be waiting until after I finish my dissertation later this year to upgrade my maing production Mac as I can’t afford to be without a few key apps I’ve got that aren’t yet Leopard compatible. But, I pre-ordered Leopard and look forward to putting it on my home iMac as soon as Leopard arrives in the mail. Thanks for sharing of your “waiting in line” experience.

  2. There is one downfall with Leopard, and that is that they got rid of Sherlock, I put it on a external hard drive and tried to reload it, but it doesn’t work.

  3. Does the apple-option-8 thing only work on leopard? I don’t have it yet and it wont work for me on my Pro.

  4. I’ve had NO issues with Leopard, everything seems to work GREAT! (I am bummed they drooped Sherlock though… but few had ever heard of it. I’d start raving about what it was, but then I’d just get sad. It was amazing.)

    ANSWER: when you hit Apple-Option-8, you wont SEE anything change – you are just activating Zoom, you THEN have to hit Apple-Option + or – to see the changes, the Apple-Option-8 to turn it off.

  5. Wanna hear something you don’t want to hear…
    I’m writing this comment… on a Microsft….9………8!!!! IT BURNS! AHHH!

    My family’s low-tech…

    (Man I’m old.)

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