Ennie, Meanie, Minie, Moe, Catch a Lizard by his Toe (or tail, if you have to)

Back to Washington – after we left Spokane, we decided we would get out of the city and then stop for food and gasoline on the outskirts of town. Um, there are no outskirts of town…. there is Spokane, and then there is wilderness… boring… plain… never ending…. for a good two hours, and then all of sudden there is a ‘Scenic Overlook’ and we are thinking, “overlook of what?!” But needing to stretch our legs anyway we pull off the road and WOW! What a scene awaits us!!

Mere photos can not capture the expanse of this view of the Columbia River.

Of course, I had to go exploring… I love cliffs, every since I read the book “Cliffs” by Elene Over, I’ve enjoyed them immensely. We could see for miles in every direction.

You gotta love that built in timer!

I soon headed down the hill promising Sara that I would stay at least two feet from any lose crumbly cliff edges. I soon discovered there was a TON of wild life running around these cliffs!

Can you spot the wildlife here BEFORE scrolling down?
Need a hint: Here is a larger zoomedin.jpg image.

I was DETERMINED to catch one of these critters! So there I am crawling around the cliffside pouncing on these lizards, getting all dirty, and causing landslides and avalanches beneath me. Finally, I set my eyes on one little dude and named him Scurry. I chased him all over the hillside. Once he got into a hole and I had to dig him out, then he got into a tiny little hole in a rock. I was about beat until I could feel the end on his tail sticking my finger up inside the crack… I slowly pulled him out and after he dove out of my hand (leaving his tail behind!) I dove after him – I wasn’t going to let this guy get away – not after ruining my pants and risking my life. (Can you see the headlines? Children’s Pastor Falls Off Cliff Chasing Lizard) Giving in to my inner-leopard, I pounced….

Finally, Scurry is MINE!

I think he thought he was my dinner. He seemed rather resolved to his fate and gave up fighting, even letting me hold him freely in my hand. I explained to him that I had no desire to eat him, he would probably taste bad anyway, and that I wasn’t that hungry. (He looked relieved)

I think he blinked for this one, sorry.

I talked to him about the futility of running, and apologized for the loss of his tail. He forgave me, and once reconciled, we became close friends. Soon we were passing time like old friends talking about life on the hill vs. life in the city. We decided both have their advantages. He gets to enjoy the outdoors, I get high speed Internet. (Can you believe he had never heard of lizardworld.com ?!?!)

He asked me how I like the view of his backyard.

Of course, I thought it was incredible. See that bridge in the background? We would soon be driving over it. This area is so amazing… Scurry agreed.

God’s Backyard IS indeed Spectacular.

It was sad, but I knew our time together would have to soon be cut short. (no intended pun reference to his tail!) I did however, take the time to tell him God had a wonderful plan for his life and that he would soon be famous on my blog. He thought I said ‘bog’ – oh well. No point trying to explain.

My Buddy. My Buddy and Me.

I thought of keeping him. Perhaps he could live in the glove compartment. Though I wouldn’t be able to tell Sara. She wouldn’t approve. I could keep it a secret, but then I imagined her opening the glove compartment for a map or tissue… that would actually be kinda funny.

Don’t worry, I let him go. If I lived there, I’d wanna stay too.

He obviously was sad at my leaving, he sat there looking at me for a long time. I couldn’t tell if he was thinking, “Wow, this was a wonderful encounter with a human, I’m sure going to miss him when he leaves.” or “Jerk, now I have no tail and I’m 47 rocks away from home.”

“I’m a rock. You can’t see me, can you?”

If you think you know what he was saying, leave it in a comment below. :)

We got back to our car and discovered that someone in Spokane had put a magnetic “KB” on my drivers door!! Now I don’t miss the PK Cruiser so much!

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Karl Bastian is the founder of Kidology.org, the creator of ToyboxTales.com, and the author of OrderoftheAncient.com. His personal website is Kidologist.com He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. Poor little lizard. How is he going to attract a girl with out his tail?

    Glad you didn’t slip off an edge:)!

  2. Bring a lizard back for a friend for the hamster! We could teacher it to run in the hamster ball.

  3. hi pastor karl! do u remember me from camp timberlee. im not going to say my church, but u had a show there. this might not be about ur trip so much but i coulnt find any other place to leave a comment about Order Of the Ancient. so here it goes… me and my friend read your book and LOVED IT. we loved it so much we made up a new game about it called Order Of The Anicent The New Generation. In the game I am named Ashley, my Remant name is Ruth and i am the daughter of Josiah. In the game my friend is named Alyssa and her Remnant name is Esther. we have many diffrent parts and we have decided to play it whenever we have the chance. THANKS SO MUCH FOR WRITING THAT BOOK!

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