Helping God Wash His Car

Does God NEED my help?

On my podcast today I talked about how to RECLAIM OUR ZEAL IN MINISTRY when we feel it waning.

The Theme Verse was:

Romans 12:11 Never be lacking in ZEAL, but keep your SPIRITUAL FERVOR, serving the Lord.

I used the letters of the word Z.E.A.L. to offer four ways to rediscover ZEAL:

Z = Zero in on What Matters Most (get away from the distractions that pull you away from what drew you into ministry in the first place)

E = Encourage Others (get the focus off yourself)

A = Abandon Busyness (get away from ministry periodically)

L = Love Jesus (get back to relationship over service)

As I mentioned on the show…why do I have my son help wash my car? Is it because he is actually helpful? Do I need his help? No. In truth, I can wash the car faster and better without him. He actually hinders the task a bit.

I let him help because he wants to be a part of what his dad is doing. We wash the car together out of a loving relationship, not out of my need for his assistance.

Guess what?

Our service to God is exactly the same.

God doesn’t need our help. In fact, truth be told, our efforts probably hinder and hurt God’s efforts. However, He allows us to work with Him because He loves us and understands that we want to work with our Dad. Get this: We serve God out of a loving relationship, not because of God’s need for our assistance.

It makes you wonder why we work so hard…and often without God. It would be kinda like my son trying to wash the car without me. Pretty pointless, don’t ya think?

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