Happy Birthday Mom!

In celebration of my mom-in-law’s birthday, my wife and I met her parents for a nice steak dinner tonight at a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant called WILDFIRE, a 40’s themed steakhouse…

In honor of my blogspiration, Steve Tanner, I will begin this post with what I ate for dinner…

I had the Porterhouse Steak Au Jus, it is two favorite cuts – New York Strip and Filet Mignon – in a single steak and then I opted for the Parmesan crusting – something they claim they are famous for. It was delicious – though, as usual, I end up liking my wife’s steak better. (She got the Char Crusted Rib Eye “Prime Rib” chop, served au jus)

For dessert I chose the giant chocolate chip cookie, hot in the pan, with ice cream on top, but asked them to hold the whipped creme, which they forgot of course.(Maybe I should have taken pictures of the food BEFORE I ate it?
Sorry, I’m new at this blog thing.)

There was a healthy choice of desserts to choose from, as you can see, my dad is having a hard time deciding… I take that back, ‘a healthy choice’ was probably not the best choice of words!

Of course, pretending to leave for the bathroom, I arranged for a birthday cake and candle to be delivered to the table. (No, she didn’t drink all those drinks!) Not shown: the one I spilled and sent Dad flying from his chair!
Always excitement everywhere I go!

Tell me, does Dad’s hat make me look wiser?

It was a nice evening….HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

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  1. Blogspiration? Oh dear :)

  2. Yeah your dinner looks gross. But I am positive it tasted great! Good choice on steak.

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