Constantly Becoming

Another poem from youthful days. This one I actually put to music, (key of G my hand written notes say) but, NO, I’m not going to record it and upload an MP3, good friends have advised me against a singing career.

Chicago, taken 1989, no digital editing, I used a filter for the coloring.


I’m not who I used to be,
I’m not who I will be,
‘Cause more like my Savior,
I’m everyday becoming.

I’m constantly changing,
Constantly rearranging,
And I won’t reach perfection,
Until His second coming.

But until I see Him in the sky On His love I will rely,
I must let Him live through me,
So with His glory I can shine. Oh, I tried to live life on my own,

But I’ve learned my life is just a loan,
God entrusted it to me,
My life’s no longer mine. I’ve given it back to Him,

The good, the bad and all the sin,
So He can mold it and shape it,
He’s the potter, I’m the clay. Sometimes I find it hard to trust,

But I know that it is a must,
If I’m to be all I’m meant to be,
On that final day. (So I’m)

Constantly changing,
Constantly rearranging,
And I won’t reach perfection,
Until His second coming.(Praise God!)
I’m not who I used to be,
But I’m still not who I will be,
‘Cause in the image of God’s Son,
I’m constantly becoming.

Karl Bastian, 1989

This is my little brother, 1989, visiting me at MBI. That’s the George Sweeting Center for World Evangelization being built in the background. (Taken from the top of the parking garage – yes, I did sit my little bother on the brink of a six story ledge! Funny the things you notice years later!)

It’s amazing to read words I wrote my freshman year of Bible College (MBI) that are as true today as they were back then. I hope I’m closer to God now than I was then, and yet, I’ve made some big mistakes since that youthful idealism, but the encouraging truth is that God isn’t finished with me yet! The changing and rearranging is still going on today!

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.

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