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One of the reasons I highly encourage journaling is that you may find that years from now you can be your own best encourager! When you read words you wrote yourself long ago, you are more open to them because, well, you wrote them. The words of others can be hard to accept at times, but when your own words are exactly what you need, it’s kinda hard to argue. Such was the case with the discovery of this poem, written eighteen years ago. (am I that old?) At a time in my life when so much is new, and when letting go and saying good bye to many people and things that I loved and took for granted as a part of my daily and weekly life are gone – it was nice to read the words of a much younger version of me saying through this poem, “be content, all you need is God. But He’s given you so much more.” Enjoy!


Make yourself, Lord, all I need,
In all I say and do,
May my dependance be on nothing else,
Let me only lean on you.


I want to need nothing else,
Than to know I’m on your side,
So when problems come, or I get down,
I will run to You and hide.


Make yourself, Lord, all I need,
Even over the things I love,
Because even those I’m finding out,
Are just extras from above.


I want those extra blessings,
The things you’ve given me,
To be things I am fine without,
When they’re gone or hard to see.


I do want to enjoy them,
For that is why they are sent,
But when it is just me and You,
I want to be content.

So make yourself, Lord, all I need,
As I live each day through,
Make me happy, peaceful, and content,
As long as I have you.


Karl Bastian, 1989

If you make a list of the things you truly need, the list becomes amazingly short. Then when you list your blessings, yes, name them one by one, you find that your blessings far out weigh your real needs, even if your list of fulfilled “wants” does feel shorter than you’d like. Like Adam and Eve, who fixated on the one tree they were forbidden to eat from, we too often focus on the thing we can’t have, instead of on all the many things we can. God is saying to us as well, “Look at all the other trees.”

The blessings and gifts of God truly do out weigh the losses and hurts of this short life. Take a deep breath and breath God in deeply…. ahhhh, He is all you need.

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