My First “Official” Father’s Day

2nd Annual Lake Geneva Father’s Day Picnic

Last June I posted my first Father’s Day as a Dad, and in May last year some thoughts on finally being a Dad. This year, with the adoption final, it was nice to just BE a dad and enjoy Father’s Day as a dad without any question marks or fears or concerns.

Of course, we marvel at how much he has grown!

Father’s Day 2006


Father’s Day 2007

And, unlike last year, where the dressing in swim suit and photo-op lasted longer than the swim, this year, Luke LOVES to swim!

Luke is all splashes and smiles this year!

We adopted a fish!

But what made 2007 extra special were some little critters that Luke won’t see again until he is 18 years old… yup, there were cicadas everywhere!

Grandpa catches one!

Boy oh Boy, Are These Things UGLY!
(click for larger image!)

Luke was hesitant to hold it, but wanted to poke it!

But he mostly wanted to walk… with parents in toe!
(That’s Grandma/Grandpa far left watching!)

Or chill out in a grown up chair!

It was a wonderful Father’s Day.

Being a Dad is the Best Thing!

Several family have asked for a video of Luke walking, ENJOY!
Luke Walking (.MOV 4.5mb)

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  1. Happy Belated Fathers’ Day! Isn’t it great?

  2. Where’s the beverage review for Dad’s Root Beer? :)

  3. Love the hat, “Property of my family”.

  4. thanks, the hat was one of my dads day gifts, and included a shirt to match. (but blue, not solid orange, thankfully!) My wife got it at Target in a bundle hat and shirt for $9.99 if you want to try and get it. I love it. She left the tag on, so don’t tell her I know the price!

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