Luke’s First Rock Concert!

Saturday Luke got to go to his first live concert at Ravina. This concert venue includes a pavillion with ticketed seats like most concerts, but also includes a huge outdoor lawn area surrounded by restaurants. It is a favorite entertainment destination for Chicagoans. My last visit to Ravina was for the Music of Star Wars.

Now it was Luke’s turn to join hundreds of other little tots for Ralph’s World live in concert!


Daddy and Son


Mommy and Son!

Luke seemed a little overwhelmed at first. He kept looking around at allll the kids and people and lights, and finally noticed the band on the stage. It was so cute, there will little kids everywhere dancing in the aisles. The ushers quickly gave up trying to keep the aisles clear.


Luke hesitantly joins the others jammin’ in the aisle.

We had never heard of Ralph’s World, but the music was fun. It was all about lemonade, and sand boxes, and water, and chocolate cake. We were surprised to see all the adults sining along as well – one dad in front of me was singing along to a song about how his baseball dreams never came true because of his zero batting average all through grade school. Definitely a song I could sing from the heart!

Toward the end we went for a walk and discovered that many of the front rows were empty since the bigger kids were all up crowding the edge of the stage… so we got to enjoy the last song from up close… enjoy this video of Luke jammin’

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  1. Can I ask you a question as a parent?

    You are doing a great job of recording Luke your son’s life and it seems that you are choosing as one way of doing it, the web. What are you doing to maybe help guarantee that it will be easy for Luke to draw upon all of this stuff when he gets older? You are very techie and I am just looking to see if you are doing something that I am not or that I should start doing now.


  2. Great Question! My wife has been bugging me to save all the “Luke Posts” in another electronic form to save, and I will probably do that someday.

    But, I am making a highlight video each year for his birthday, picking the best of the best and making a video, and my wife has been making me an AWESOME comic book of dad and luke with Comic Life (part of the Mac OS now) and gives me new pages every father’s day. it is QUITE the awesome book! If you ever come visit me ask to see it, or remind me to bring it when I come to VA, it is quite amazing!!

  3. We love going to Ravinia and I am one of those parents that always is singing along. We’ll go to more concerts with you next year if you’d like. Looks like it was a great day. Love, Aunt Meepa

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