My Little Magicians Assistant

Yesterday Luke and I got to go on one of our “adventures.” (Every time we leave the house it is an “adventure” – Luke lights up and grabs his coat if we say “wanna go on an adventure?”)

The adventure this time wasn’t shopping errands or out to eat but to visit the 3rd grade glass of one of my employees (her daughter that is!) to do a little last-day-of-school-before-Christmas party entertainment.

After checking in to the office for our visitor stickers we were off!


They said to put the sticker somewhere prominent!

As you can see by these pictures taken by my bookkeeper, Patti, Luke never left my side!


He seemed a little overwhelmed by all the kids.


I hope he doesn’t figure out all my secrets from the close up spot!


Well, at least if he figures them out, he can’t tell anyone!


It felt funny to have him clinging to me the entire time.


Eventually he found the courage to venture within ten feet of me. I actually can’t wait until he gets older and officially be my stage assistant… poor Luke will be levitated, cut in half, vanished and (hopefully) reappeared when the time comes.

Until then, clinging to my leg is just fine. I know that won’t last forever.

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  1. you should not have put the arrows, you should have done “where’s luke” and let people try to find him! :)

  2. Hey Karl it looks like we spent the day doing the same thing! My wife (who you met at kidology a long time ago!) Is a preschool teacher and I did four shows for her on Friday! My youngest however is 14! He is good helper when he’s avaiilable!

  3. How special – yes, they grow up all too fast – enjoy it and keep making special memories!

    My oldest brother always has ‘adventures’ with his two daughters whenever they leave the house as well. Calling any outing, whether it be an errand or whatever, an adventure … makes life so much more interesting – that’s the spirit!

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