Luke Gets a Hair Cut (actually, all of them!)

Today was the day we finally gave Luke another haircut. We love his curly hair, but when it starts getting in his eyes we know we have to cut it again. It’s a bummer because he always seems to age three months with a hair cut. We know, “It’ll grow back” – but he’s so stinkin’ cute with those curls! Too bad, today was hair cutting day! And for the past two years Sara has been cutting both boys hair to save money. (haircut prices have gotten ridiculous if you ask me!)

Here he is, all smiles and read to go under the knife,
er, scissors anyway.

That’s one curly head!

Our personal hair stylist at work!

Bye, Bye Bangs!
(my wife would like to ask you not look at the
messy counters in the background)

Oops, was that an ear lobe?

Elmo helps the time go by as mommy sculpts the head.

It’s a brand new boy!

Is this the same boy!?!? Amazing how different he looks.

But either way, the shirt is still true!

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  1. It is quite amazing the difference a haircut can make. He does look older… but he’s still just as cute! I will miss the curls though, until they come back in :)

    PS: I didn’t even notice the counters until I read the caption… nice job!!

  2. You are soooooooo modest, heeheee. I agree, he’s still so cute though!

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