Lightening McQueen Spotted!

According to All-Things-Disney-Expert, Steve Tanner, while the movie Cars made nearly 500 million at the box office, by summer 2007 it had grossed over 2 billion in merchandise sales! (source) We certainly can relate! We have Cars toys, clothes, sippy cups, band-aids, towel, blanket, snacks, even an ice packet to help put ice on owwies.

And now, the Halloween costume!

Lightening McQueen? More like Lukie McQueen with his Pit Chief!

Lukie McQueen with Mommy.

Now that’s one good lookin’ kid! It was fun to go Trick or Treating… starting at Grandma and Grandpa’ and then going with cousins. Luke enjoyed the walking and seeing the lights and cars at various houses. The candy wasn’t that big a deal.

After thirty minutes he said he didn’t want any more candy. “Enough,” he says. We didn’t argue. So we headed over to a church outreach that had thousands of visitors. They had game rooms, live music, petting farm, food, pumpkin patch, a cake walk, and so much more. But Luke’s favorite (of course) was the cars on display!

A Sheriff Hummer! (your tax dollars at work)

Lukie McQueen always manages to find a cool car! No matter what we were doing, Luke kept saying, “Go see cars? Go see cars?” He absolutely loves cars.

A highlight (pun) was getting to see a spotlight up close!

I, of course, saw a chance for some photography.

I suggested they add a Bat Symbol! Got a bunch of cool shots, but figure most of you would rather not have to look at too many!

It was a great evening of candy and cars! After over fifteen years of organizing or planning Halloween outreaches, it was so nice to just attend one as a dad. It felt weird, but it was really nice to just be focused on one child… my own.

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