Luke Meets Mickey Mouse!

One of the highlights of our trip to California was getting to take our little boy to Disneyland for the first time. He has a Disneyland Sing-along DVD that his Aunt Meepa gave him, so he’s known where we were going as the days got closer. As I’m sure millions of other parents have experienced, the real joy of a Disney park is getting to watch a young child experience it.

The first “ride” was the shuttle from the parking garage and already Luke was all smiles and excited! His joy kept us going all day long.

Here we are at the first Photo-Op. I grew up close to Disneyland, so even though Walt Disney World is bigger and in some ways better, I still like Disneyland in California the best.

What fun to be showing my son around a place I came countless times as a child. Oh, the memories I have in this magical place, and its surprised me how much it looked exactly as I remembered it.

We had silly fun everywhere, even in the stores.

Of course, Mommy found the Tea Cups!

There are so many little things to explore. Walt sure knew kids.

One of our main goals was to meet Mickey Mouse. So when we found his house, Luke was beside himself with excitement!

Soon we were heading in to Mickey’s Mouse’s House!!


But Mickey wouldn’t be so friendly if he found out that his dear Minnie had a thing for Luke! We got pictures with a bunch of the Disney characters, but I think the highlight for Luke was discovering Mickey’s car which he pointed out to me all by himself, “Mickey Mouse Car Daddy! Mickey Mouse Car!” as he ran over.

You can always count on Lukie McQueen to discover any cars!

Luke spent more time in Mickey’s car than he did with the Mouse himself!

Turns out there are lots of things to drive at Disneyland! Soon Luke was pointing out all the cars, and he went on Autopia over and over. (We had almost no lines the two days we went)

Finally, Luke got to be the driver and daddy the passenger. (Who helped a little)

This truly is the Happiest Place on Earth!

No where else can a two year old get to actually drive so many different types of vehicles. He was in heaven!

There’s just something about being behind the wheel for a boy of any age.

Luke was filled with gratitude and kisses all day long!

I’ve always enjoyed amusement parks but it’s such an incredible joy to experience Disneyland as a parent taking a child. I loved every second of it, even though my wallet and feet were sore by the end of the day, it was worth it. We’ll definitely be back in February! (When I go to CPC in San Diego)

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time. Beautiful pics too!

  2. Thank you for FINALLY posting these pics. Very cute. I still love watching my kids enjoying Disney World or Disneyland. I love the picture of him with Mickey and I love the picture of him on your shoulders pointing. I was wondering if you have one of just him with Mickey for his Auntie?

    It looks like you got to go to Disney’s California Adventure? How did you like it? Did you go on the Toy Story ride? It’s pretty fun. They have it at WDW now.

    I’m so glad you are all home. I just wish you would have brought some of the warm weather with you. :-)

    Love you all,
    Aunt Meepa

  3. Sara, I love the pic of Lukey kissing you. Very special. Love you.

  4. It looks like the family photo you got taken in front of the Mickey flower mosaic also included a nice shot of the Lilly Belle train car on the Disneyland Railroad.

    It’s an “exclusive” car that is typically used for special guests and was converted from an older car in the Disneyland Railroad fleet. You only see it out on nice days:

    It’s named after Walt’s wife, Lillian.

  5. While we were still getting our new home in order, it was good having family with us to enjoy our nearness to the famed land for children: big and small.

    Karl and Luke also went swimming in our backyard swimming pool before we got it heated, better days are sure to come. Sara took pictures of that, too.

    Love and prayers always as we watch you serve the Lord.

    Dad and Mom

  6. these pictures are adorable!!!!!!!!!! im going to disney world next week .. hope i have as much fun well p.s. luv to see more …so cute

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