A GPS for Life?

Sermon Summaries are simply my sermon notes taken on my iPhone WordPress app during church. I love taking notes, but then they are lost in a stack of spiral journals. This way they are archives, searchable, and I can share them too!


I love my GPS, if used properly, can lead you to where you want to go, giving step by step directions. This is possible because of satelites in space that are looking down; they see exactly where you are, where you want to go, and all the possible route, hazzards and obsticles between the two.


Wouldn’t it be helpful to have GPS for our life?! If there was someone watching from above who knew exactly where I am, where I want to go, and all the possible paths, dangers and challenges along the way?

Yes! What I need is A God Positioning System!

The passage is: Jeremiah 39-42

Background: The Remnant of Israel were going to run to Egypt after the heir to the Jewish throne killed the Babylonian governor of the land, but first they consulted Jeremiah. This all looks very good – but in the end they didn’t take God’s advice and were later killed in Egypt!

For personal study; primary passages: Jer. 38:8-10; 41:1-3; 42:1-2; 5-7;

43:4,7 the people disobey, actions did not match their words

42:20 Their fatal mistake was not disobeying God, it was to ask for advice and then not take it treating God’s commands as a mere suggestion. It is worse to seek God’s council and reject it, than to never seek it at all.

Note in I Samuel 28:5-6, God didn’t answer Saul because he knew Saul wasn’t committed. Saul was asking with no intention of obeying God, unless God told him what he wanted to hear.

God promised in 42:7 If you stay here, I will build you up, not tear you down. But instead they ran, and later perished. Those who did stay, lived.

A Hammer: I love that our senior pastor often uses object lessons. He noted that a hammer is really two tools in one. One end is for construction, the other is for destruction. Our life in God’s Hand is constructive, in our hands life is destructive.

QUESTION: Who is holding the hammer in your life. Taking the hammer from God is a mistake. Perhaps you are fighting over the hammer?

God desires to be our Life Positioning System (LPS?) But we need to be listening AND obeying to his instructions.

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  1. Yep the GPS – God Positioning System acronym is showing up in a lot of sermons! And making an impact especially on those who have a GPS! Mine is a life saver…hmmmm….

  2. You always have such amazing, great illustrations from the simplest, smallest details of daily living. Have you compliled any into a book? You could add annual additions suitable for a 3-ring binder….

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