WALK at Church signs

Perhaps you have had trouble with kids running at church, or at least, with grown-ups complaining that the kids are running too much! Well, I once made some fun signs that I posted around the church with some Bible verses instructing kids to “WALK” – granted, they were a little out of context, but it got some fun responses and got the topic of WALKING around the building into people’s minds:

So I continued, “What you are doing is not right. Shouldn’t you WALK?”
– Nehemiah 5:9

I am God Almighty, WALK before me!
– Genesis 17:1

Observe what the LORD your God requires: WALK.
– I Kings 2:3

I was cleaning out some old file draws at my office and came across these, and thought others might get a kick outta them. Please, don’t take it too seriously! It’s all in fun. Post on the walls of your church at your own risk!

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