You Might Have Attended Too Many Conferences If You

You Might Have Attended Too Many Conferences If You…

  1. Pass out a daily itinerary to your family.
  2. Insist on your spouse handing you an outline before you have a conversation.
  3. Make your kids wear name tags.
  4. Often introduce yourself to your family at dinner and tell them where you are from.
  5. Fill out a weekly evaluation form on your spouse.
  6. Ask your family to put their contact information in a fish bowl.
  7. Explain household chores with a PowerPoint presentation.
  8. Enter your house and expect to be handed a welcome packet.
  9. Allow book publishers to sponsor your family meals.
  10. Try to sell family vacation videos to your kids

I thought this was too funny. It was written by Roger Fields, one of the cleverest guys I’ve ever known.

Reprinted from K! Magazine (with permission)

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