Surgeon Sees Jesus in my Heart!

Well, I’m writing this from a recovery room at a hospital over an hour away from home after a surgeon placed a stent in the main left coronary artery of my heart!

Being the tech geek I am (and wanting prayer support) I’ve been twittering the journey which also updates my facebook status. Yet another good reason to link the two!

O.K., here’s the scoop. Did a big magic show at Stuart Sports Complex in Aurora IL right before a helicopter came to drop eggs. Before the show I rode around on my giraffe unicycle to attract attention toward the stage. I rode out on the grass which is extremely difficult on cold hard lumpy ground and it was a work out! I managed to stay up much longer than I thought I would but after 10 minutes fell. (thats how get off a giraffe unicycle, eventually you just fall to dismount) i was so out of breath, I could hardly talk or breath, but immediately had to do the program.

The show went well despite high winds and cold air, but I got through it. It wasn’t until I was packing up that I first thought the blasting music was hurting my chest since I was so close to all the speakers that were playing upbeat contemporary Christian music. I went to take pictures of the helicopter but was starting to realize something was wrong since I was away from the loud music but my chest was still hurting. Packing up was a challenge as I was back by the speakers and just felt fatiqued and sluggish and loading the car seemed far more difficult than it should have. I was eager to drive away from the pounding music since the next 3 shows at the church weren’t until 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. The pain was not going away and while I had planned to just go find a place to eat and work on my laptop for a few hours, I asked a cop directing traffic where the nearest hospital was.

Seemed keeling over at Chipotle was less desirsble than going to the ER and being told “you’re fine, you’re just a wimp” so I headed to the hospital thinking, I can just work in the waiting room so at least I’m close to serious help if I neef it.

Well, pain got worse and I asked to just talk to a doctor knowing I’d be out $75 for it.

Then it all just unfolded. Technically NOT a heart attack, as heart attack is non-reversible damage; which I avoided by coming in when I did. My EKG was a very abnormal one and my right arm was feeling weird, not the usual left. So next it was off for an angioplasti (sp?) and I asked to not be sedated so I could watch on the screens! Simply amazing what our doctors can do today! To be watching something IN MY HEART squirting out liquid and watching it flow through my heart. I asked the surgeon if he could see Jesus since I’d asked Him into my heart when I was four. He assured me Jesus was fine and had triggered the pain so I’d come in today!

Gotta go, time to order from room service, as I see they have cheeseburgers, hoping they’ll make me a double with extra cheese!!

Thank you everyone for your concern and prayers, more later! (Lord willing!)

Proverbs 16:9 rang true today!




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  1. Didn’t know. I’m praying. Good thing you did what you did and went to the hospital!

  2. Hang in there! We’re praying for you to get back to what you need to get back to!

  3. Amazing.

    Take care. Let me know if I may help in any way.

  4. Way to go techie Karl – technology is amazing and it was great to be in prayers for you throughout the afternoon as you were having the procedure! Does that sound weird? I totally meant it as a compliment and an amazement to the power of technology.

    Also great that the doc could see Jesus in your heart!! :)

  5. Wow! I’m so grateful to the Lord for prompting you to see a doctor when you did. We’ve been praying over here on the Holy Coast (okay, inland Oregon, but close enough!). Thanks for the update…we love you, man!


  6. Hey Karl! Man… And we didn’t even get to meet!! Dang.

    Hang in there man. Thank you for the great job at the Egg Drop! Get better soon. And let’s get you back out to The Orchard soon!


    scott hodge’s last blog post..Easter Series!

  7. Thanks for the update. Lukey is doing great. We are praying for you. We went to Bass Pro shop and he loved all the boats and cars and trucks. when we left he said, “Aunt Meepa, I loved that place.” We then went to steak and shake where they give the kids card board box cars to make. Tricia made his and he loved it. Then off to Toys r Us where I bought him two purple cars.

    Take care. We love you and are praying for you.

    Melissa’s last blog post..I feel soooo happy!!

  8. Karl,

    You have a special place in a whole bunch of hearts, not least the heart of God. I will continue to pray for you. Thanks for keeping us updated!

    Glen Woods’s last blog post..Ministry Marketing

  9. Erin told me she had seen what happened on FB. I assumed it was Sarah, but it was YOU! What does that say when you are busy updating your status in the middle of heart trouble? :)

    Praying that you have a quick recovery. BTW, the cheeseburger probably isn’t the best choice considering… ;)

    Henry Zonio’s last blog post..My Conspire 2009 Thoughts – General Session 3 with Jennifer Fox

  10. Henry – it says that in today’s world, when your family is still an hour away, you can connect to friends (and resulting prayer power!) and experience community and friendship when in the past you may have felt very much alone going through something like this! It was awesome to be so connected.

    But no worries, the cheeseburger was a joke!

  11. Karl: Seems when God speaks, He sometimes uses the megaphone. All the Yount family is praying for a full recovery which will probably mean less Big Macs, Pezzas, Tacos, all the good stuff.

    Anyway, PJ is five days into the The South Beach Diet and has lost her first 8 lbs.The book is written by Dr. Agatston, a cardiologist. Our doctor says it is the diet he mostly recommends because it is very reasonable.

    Listen to God, your wife, your doctor, and your mother-in-law.

    Love in Christ, Dad

  12. Karl;

    You are in our prayers dude and your lovely family. I know it must be hard on Sara seeing you go through all this, our closest love ones never want to see us go through pain and suffering – even though we are at peace they could be in stress, so so is definetly in our prayers for support and strength. Praying you get well quickly. I know you are in great hands – first with Jesus and secondly with the doctors – but our prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery.

  13. Wow Karl,

    I am praying for you and will continue to do so! You are the best communicator I have ever met, twittering while in surgery! Thank you for the updates. . . but get some rest too!

    I especially am encouraged how you are continually seeking God and His purposes for this and other trials. Your passion is contagious!

    I hope to still see you at the Summit!
    May God Bless,
    Scott Dodson

  14. Chris Yount Jones

    Just heard! I’m so glad you’re OK. Thank you, God!

  15. Whoa, just got to read this today. I’m glad you’re alright! And I thought you were in ER for a Kidology stint. :) God is good.

  16. Wow seems to be the popular word! I can’t believe it, Karl. I’m so glad you’re okay. I just read this..AFTER… of course I sent you reply email about Ministry stuff. Keep us posted! Anything we can do in addition to prayer… let us know!!

  17. Karl,
    I am glad all is well and the Lord “Jesus in your heart” prompted you to get checked-out. (Sorry, poor choice of words:) ) You should probably take it easy from the daily hours of exercise in preparation for Yosemite. Truly, I am glad you are doing good!

    In Jesus,
    Marc Price
    Lynchburg 1st Nazarene
    Lynchburg VA

  18. Hey Karl,
    I had a very similar episode around 5 years ago. And I also had a stent in the exact same spot. I am doing well. I did have to have another procedure done last year. Another stent placed below the previous one. I was getting short of breath and weak. Didn’t think it was much but went in anyway. I am very active to a fault and still do whatever I want. When I feel good I feel great! You will have to change some long standing habits- healthy eating, lots of good exercise and you’ll do great. Rest alot over the next few weeks. Thanks for all you do for the Lord. Dana

  19. Hey Karl
    Wow man that happen to me on Easter Sunday 3 years ago. I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for all you do.
    Jeff Sowers
    First Assembly

  20. I just want you to know that I am praying for you. Now, take the time you need to heal. Don’t shortcut things. A doctor once told my sister that it usually takes men three major episodes to get the message and do the right thing. Don’t be one of those people. We want you around for a looooooooooong time.

  21. Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement! It has meant the world to me. And, no worries, Nancy, I’m taking it all very seriously! I want to be around for a loooooong time too! ;)

  22. Hey Karl!

    Is this the year of CP’s having heart attacks? I am SO thankful that you headed “jesus” in your heart and stopped by the ER to have things checked out. Three months ago last week I found myself feeling the same way during a rather busy work day and decided that I should have the doctor tell me I was a hypchondriac in the ER and to go home and rest. Turns out that 20 minutes after being in the ER I had a heart attack and the angiogram/angioplasty followed the next morning. I am so thankful that the stents are doing their job and that you are on the mend….by the way have you named your stents? I had friends on Facebook name mine which are “thank” and “God.”

    Take care you are in my thoughts and prayers. How’s your little boy doing through all this? And that beautiful wife of yours?

    Jeanette’s last blog post..What the huh????

  23. You’re amazing Karl. My wife’s a nurse anesthetist and she can’t believe you did what you did. Then again, she’s never met you… I pray that God uses this for His glory, that you come out of this closer to Him and to your family than you have ever been and that you share your experiences with us so we can grow as well.

    With God, all things are possible – John

    John Walls’s last blog post..Welcome

  24. PTL, that the Lord gave you enough sense to go to a hospital when you did. I really appreciate the times we have been together at CPC. Get well soon, Cliff

  25. Hey Karl,

    Today is the first day I’ve had a chance since Easter to check out the site. Praise God you had a great surgeon and are here to give God the glory. I pray you recover quickly.

    I have a “1st Things 1st” priority list on my bulletin board written by you and refer to it often to remind me how to be most effective in this life. There’s no doubt God and family have to be in the top two positions if we want to enjoy our walk on this earth. Thanks for the reminder. Now! Abide by it!

    Take care brother! Sharon

  26. Karl, I had a real heart attack in the main “widowmaker” artery, after a show on new years eve and the doctors were amazed to see no damage whatsoever, an amazing miracle. A small amount of plaque had burst, and nearly killed me, but now there is no sign of plaque, no damage, and other than a few basic pills, the doctors say i am at 100%, with no chance of it happening again. My wife spoke words of prayer over me for a couple of hours and I really believe God saved my life! Geddy the Gecko, John Mallory. Glad to hear of your awesome recovery.

  27. Hello!
    Raquel Tira here, remember me? A friend from Greenhills Christian Fellowship, Philippines. Wow! God is soooo good — He prompted you to go to the hospital. He must have more ministry projects for you to do huh? I agree, in the end, what really matters is our relationship with God and our loved ones & friends. I pray that you recover fully well. Regards to Sara. Rollyvic, her godson will graduate on May 8 at the College of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth TX. Hope to see you and your family someday.

  28. Wow! I appreciate the update. I am so grateful that you listened to your feelings and went in.

  29. Hi Karl,
    You shure know how to get attention! Praise God you’re o.k. That was very, very smart to go to the hospital. Everyone at New Hope Church is praying for you! Take care…Give Sara and Luke a big hug from me :) In Christ’s love, Dawn Quintos

    Ps. When you talk to Mom & Dad Yount, please give them a big hello from me! (I miss them!)

  30. Karl,
    Praying for you here in TN. Thanking God for prompting you to get medical help. How great and awesome is our God. Now please try and behave … listen to the wisdom of those surrounding you …slow down a little bit and be with us for may years to come.
    A wise man said, “Trouble is only temporary. The lessons it teaches are permanent.”
    Love ya!
    sandy waight
    2 Corinthians 4:17

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