Puppets, Publishers and Peaks!

I know I’m supposed to be taking it easy and recovering from near death and all that, but today we planned a whirlwind fun day that was relaxing and enjoyable – both because of the people we hooked up with and the sights we saw! We started out in Colorado Springs (where we are staying) and went up to Littleton to have breakfast with Todd Liebenow, the Top Puppeteer and El Presidente of One Way Street, and #1 puppet and creative ministry supplier in the world. (for real) I’ve long wanted to see the OWS headquarters, and finally got to!

Todd Liebenow and Karl

The extra treat was that I had Sara and Luke with me and my little boy (who adores all my puppets) got to see “where puppets come from” with a tour of the factory. I could not photograph much out of fear of compromising industry secrets, but here is Lukey with some eyeless lambs:

Luke among the Lambs

After One Way Street we headed up to Loveland to the Group Publishing headquarters where I had a meeting with Christine Yount who, besides being executive editor of CM Mag, has a new official title I love: Children’s Ministry Champion. (I guess there is room for another!)

Group’s Lobby has a TALKING moose head!

I also got to finally meet CM Mags managing editor, Jennifer Hooks who I’ve known only via e-mail as she has edited some of my writing for Group such as The New Deal article in the Jan/Feb ’09 issue. Why was I meeting with these ladies? (I also met with a business guy about a deal on CM Mag for Kidology.org members that should be in place soon, just another perk for Kidology.org members!)

Ever wonder where the other end of the moose was?

ANYWAY, I was there to finalize the details for a column in Children’s Ministry Magazine. That’s all I can say at this time, but I’m very excited to be a regular contributor to the magazine now. More details soon! (I’m so sorry I forgot to get a picture with the Groupies – but I got the moose!)

After I left Group we headed to Rocky Mountain National Park hoping to see some live animals as well as some spectacular mountain scenes. I wasn’t disappointed! On the way out I caught this Mountain Goat on film:

It really is a mountain goat!

O.K., so that picture isn’t that great, but I had to turn on the camera and point fast! (And no, I was not driving, Sara was driving so I could enjoy the view and take pictures)

As you can see, the driving was a LOT of fun!

If I ever came to this park as a child, I don’t remember it, and I was very much impressed with how beautiful it is! Not quite Yosemite, but it’ll do!

Snow covered peaks above Rocky Mountain National Park

Lots of variety from the mountains to the landscapes and an abundance of roaming animals!

Unfortunately, Luke slept through most of the animal sightings – but we’ll be back! He just woke up when we got to Bear Lake and went for a short hike to see the snow covered frozen lake:

The Bastians on Bear Lake! (luckily, no bears!)

It was a short visit, but I considered it a teaser and plan to be back here many times in the not so distant future! I feel like I’m home here – as my earliest memories are from when I lived in Colorado as a boy.

Here’s a few more pictures from our special day (as we called it for Luke)

Mommy and Luke

Daddy and Luke

Sunset over the Rocky Mountains

Dusk in the Valley

Luke in his favorite spot – Dad in his.

I love Colorado. I am praying that God might enable me to raise my son here. I love the climate, the scenery, the culture, the people, the opportunities to explore God’s creation, and the presence of God I feel when I am here. Pray with me that my family might be able to call this home some day.

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  1. Looks like you had a fun day. Sara’s (My Sara) family all lives in Colorado Springs, so we get to visit quite often. It’s a fabulous place to visit. However, once you’ve lived in the South all of your life, it’s hard to imagine living in the cold.

  2. Compared to the long bitter cold winters of Chicago, this weather here, even with snow, is like vacationing in Hawaii – we love it! When you come to the springs to visit your in-laws, let me know!

  3. I loved the moose picture my wife and I laughed when we saw it. Thanks for the update and glad you are doing well my friend.

  4. Sounds like a great day! You do sound like things are really fitting for you there. I’ll sure be praying for you. Wouldn’t like the idea of you moving farther away bro! I was hoping to get you out east. I do want God’s best for ya! Take it easy!

  5. Hope you’re having a blast – we’ll be there in the Springs on Satrurday!

    Jamie Doyle’s last blog post..And so it continues…

  6. We enjoyed having you visit One Way Street!

    Hard to tell from your picture, but it looks like that really is a Mountain Goat and not a Big Horn Sheep…I’ve been out here 15 years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the wild…seen plenty of the big horn sheep (they’re fearless and walk right up to your car) but don’t think I’ve seen the goats up close.

  7. One of my dreams is to visit Group’s headquarters. Thanks for giving us a taste of it!

    Glen Woods’s last blog post..to each their own celebration

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