You Make Our Day

When I read the testimonial to the right recently, it made my day! Just imaging a bunch of kids in South Africa having a “water war” because of a post I wrote nearly ten years ago brought a huge smile to my face.

That’s what I love about Kidology, not just getting great e-mails about how the site has impacted our members leadership, ministries or children, but because it enables the reach of even the simplest idea to be multiplied and magnified beyond what you can even imagine.

I probably spend more time on the Testimonial Page than most. Whenever I get overwhelmed by the things to do, the emails to answer, the projects to work on or the deadlines that keep getting pushed back, all I need is a few minutes being reminded that not only is what I do today making a difference, but what I did years ago is still making a difference today.

And it’s not just me, it’s YOU TOO!

When you take time to SUBMIT AN IDEA to, you are not only helping Leon in South Africa and Barb in Japan, but Katie in Alaska, Joanne in Brazil, and Chikondi in Malawi! Not to mention thousands of children’s workers in every state of America, Canada and throughout South America and Europe and places you’ve never heard of like the Christmas Islands!

You make our day, not only when we get an encouraging word in our e-mail, but when you help us in our mission of equipping and encouraging those who minister to children by sharing what God has given YOU!

So what are you waiting for?! Submit YOUR ministry idea today, and it will be making an impact for years to come, and if you’d like to encourage the Kidology Team, feel free to send us a testimonial of how Kidology helps you… you may just end up in the Testimonial Hall of Fame! (You can use the comments on this post!)


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  1. Michael Olivier

    Hi Karl. The kidology group has been a breath of fresh air to me. We are creative but have become stuck in a certain mode of thinking and doing things. The ideas you have offered have so broadened our way of thinking and variety of avenues of teaching. I see it as God’s provision as we have crossed paths at just the right time – adjusting the way we do things on Sundays in order to be more effective in the lives of our children. Thank you so much.
    I am newish to all these blog/facebook/messaging things so what would be the best way to connect with you as I have some questions, etc. I am in South Africa.
    Thanks again and God keep you,
    Michael Olivier

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