The Email That Made My Year

I’m in the midst of a REALLY busy week. I don’t have time to blog. I have several deadlines looming, I’m behind on other projects, several events this week to pull me away and put me further behind, and I’m trying to get both caught up and ahead before the holidays arrive so I can be relaxed on focused on family.

I’m trying to juggle it all and the last thing need is another thing to do… and then THIS e-mail arrives, and suddenly, nothing else matters… it’s like a giant PAUSE button gets hit. I sit back and am reminded once again, that in the flurry of it all, it is worth it.


Here is the e-mail I got today via Facebook, that stopped me in the tracks:

Hey, I came across your facebook page and decided to send you a message. You probably don’t remember me but I’m now a senior in high school and when I was in 6th grade a friend brought me on the Arctic Blast winter retreat with her. Basically I remember the second night of the retreat you gave an awesome talk and it was there where I learned who God was and that night I accepted Christ. It was one of the best weekends of my life and I will always remember that! Now I go to youth group and church and its pretty much my home. I have been growing so much in my relationship with God and I imagine that without having my relationship with Him ever since 6th grade I probably wouldn’t be alive right now. So basically, thank you so so much.  – Jill


You can imagine my joy to receive Jill’s note after all these years. I do remember her coming with her friend though I did not know of her decision at that time. Of course, it makes you wonder what other decisions kids have made that you never find out about. I asked Jill if I could share her note and story on my blog to encourage others and use her picture and she gave me permission – and as I was looking through her facebook pictures, this final picture struck me:


You know, it isn’t just the kids we impact in our ministries that is so exciting… but its the kids that THEY in turn will impact with their lives! I have no idea what God has in store for Jill – but I’m so glad that her friend brought her to Arctic Blast, and that despite all my flaws and short comings God in his amazing grace used ME to share the Gospel with her. Jill said I gave an “amazing talk.” That’s pretty neat to read. But I’ve been in ministry long enough to know the amazing thing is that God would use me.

Thanks, Jill, for taking the time to let me know, I look forward to watching how God uses YOU!

And for those of you reading this:

Who do YOU need to thank?

And remember – for all the emails we get – there are many more we’ll never get – so this e-mail from Jill, is for YOU TOO!

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  1. That’s awesome! There’s nothing like this kind of thing.

  2. That is so awesome! I received a similar note from an MK from Bolivia who I met 15 years ago. I had only been there for two weeks. He let me know that I’ve been one of the people who have impacted his life… He’s interning at a church now doing sports ministry. We never know the impact we have on kids as we love them. Thanks for sharing that, Karl.

  3. That is a great email and extremely cool!

  4. Sweet! Encouraging indeed!!!

  5. That Rocks! Isn’t that the best :)

  6. I loved this blog article. It would be nice to get stuff like this more often, but when it does come, it has a pretty good shelf life!

  7. That’s so great, Karl! And how like God to interrupt you during this incredibly busy time to encourage you.

  8. This is such a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Great Story Karl, I believe that was a pat on the back from God to you. I have had those, when I have felt that I was not doing enough for the Lord. Merry Christmas to all.

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