Bastian Christmas Letter 2009

Here is the Bastian Christmas Letter 2009:

Dear Family & Friends,

It’s hard to believe, but it was during Christmas last year that I said to Sara, “by this time next year, we won’t be in Illinois.” And here I am, writing to you from Colorado, looking out my window at prairie, cattle & mountains! It was mostly wishful thinking at the time – but a brush with death in April made the idea of moving to Colorado a firm plan! After a big magic show Easter weekend, I felt some chest pain and went to the ER hoping to be told I was fine. Instead, I had a stent put in my heart! That brush with death (and the lightening strike in May) focused my resolve to make what mattered most matter now! I read on a blog a quote by Andy Stanley that I could not get out of my head,

“Everyone ends up somewhere, few end up there on purpose.”

So here we are – on purpose, loving our new home, in a new setting, and a fresh start in a new place! Sara and Luke seem to be enjoying our new surroundings. Luke loves his new neighborhood. For starters, it has sidewalks so he can drive his motorized Ford F-150 to the mailbox which is a block away to get the mail, and we have a community playground and lots of little boys his age in the ‘hood to play with. If you visit, he is eager to show his playroom where his ‘car table’ is the center attraction! Sara has made new friends to bake and shop with and is enjoying exploring the new area and especially that when it does snow, it melts within two days and warm weather returns. (unlike Chicago!) She is enjoying having a new home to set up and decorate and especially hosting guests who visit – and yes, the guest room is always available for you should you be in Denver on business, or even if you plan a visit just to visit us! (hint, hint!)

We have found a church we are attending and I’m volunteering on Christmas Eve with Gus (my puppet) to teach, but otherwise we are just enjoying attending and making friends at this point. People often ask if I am looking to be a children’s pastor again – the answer is I give is that right now I am enjoying being the children’s pastor of ONE little boy named Luke, but yes, in time there is nothing I enjoy more than teaching and pastoring children and it’s probably where my gifts and passions are strongest. But right now my plate is full equipping and encouraging other children’s pastors through – especially with the writing assignments I currently have. But I have a sneaking suspicion that in God’s timing the perfect opportunity will present itself and I look forward to the time when I will get to be a children’s pastor again – and hope that I can teach Kids Church while my son is in grade school – and I look forward to that day, in God’s timing. Until then, I have plenty to do!

God has opened doors for writing a new children’s church curriculum for called DiscipleTown and a column in Children’s Ministry Magazine as well as in their Professional Edition. So I’m learning a lot about working at home and what it means to be an author and managing time and deadlines! It’s not easy, but I’m learning! Keeping my own Kidology deadlines has been challenging since I’m my own boss for those. I’m learning you can’t manage time, – only tasks! If you have kids, they may enjoy my new kids videos at

Be sure to keep up with our family via my blog at and both Sara and I are active on Facebook. If you are on Twitter, you can follow me @Kidologist, if you don’t know what that is, visit and get with the times! ☺

Because Jesus Loves Children,

Karl Bastian (for Sara and Luke too!)

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