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If you have ever complained about the cost of conferences, or trimmed budgets, or travel costs or any other reason why you couldn’t get quality training – well, it’s time to quit yer belly-achin’ and sign up for the 100% free CM Tele Conference where you can get TOP NOTCH training from 16 Kidmin trainers without even leavin’ your home!

Yup, I’m doing a Workshop!

My workshop is on Tuesday, June 22nd, at 11am (Eastern Standard Time) and is titled Proactive Leadership. I will be expanding on my current Children’s Ministry Magazine Professional Edition series that kicked off with this article available here. This workshop is completely NEW and not available anywhere else!

It’s June 21-22 – Registration is Required, but it’s FREE!

You do need to register, but then all you do is dial up and listen to the workshops that interest you. You’ll also have the option of purchasing the entire conference in MP3 format afterward as well.

And it gets even better! Most of the speakers are providing exclusive deals and even give aways that you can get only during the week of the CM Tele Conference, and Kidology is no exception!

Kidology Teleseminar Special

The Kidology Training Bundle provides essential children’s ministry training at an affordable price. It includes…

  • The Kidology Handbook (Download edition)
  • Leadership Lab #3: Kid-Focused Ministry Foundations
  • The Kids Church Cookbook #2: Setting the Mood

Regular price for the 3 training resources featured above would be $124.97, but this limited-edition Kidology Training Bundle is available for only $27 — a savings of over $97!

PurchasePurchase Kidology Training Bundle
(Kidology Store)


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Info on Kidology:

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  1. This is the deal of the year. Free Childrens ministry conference that I can enjoy while sitting with my Mac wherever I want and then to get the Kidology bundle for only $27.00 dollars!!

    To think this is not even Manic Monday!!

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