Super Dad? Maybe Not.

Recently while in a store they had Superman Returns playing on a giant TV to encourage visitors to relax and try out their furniture. While I wasn’t too nuts about the film, my good friend Brent Peak had recent argued with me that the opening airplane sequence was one of the best cinematic scenes ever filmed, so after making sure no one was looking, I re-winded the DVD to that scene and Luke and I kicked back and watched it while mom shopped. Brent was right. Luke loved it and asked to watch it over and over!

Then yesterday, I was wearing a Superman shirt and Luke pointed at me and said, “Look, Dad, you’re a hero!”

Bursting with pride, I put my fists on my sides like the Man of Steel and puffed out my chest, standing as tall and dignified as I could and proclaimed, “Yes, I am Super Dad, flying around saving airplanes in distress!” in reference to the movie clip we’d watched since that’s all he really knows of Superman.

My four year old took one look at me and said, “Well, maybe toy airplanes Dad,” and went back to playing.

I wasn’t too crushed. It was a pretty honest assessment of my abilities and I’m sure I’m still a hero in my boy’s eyes, even if I can’t fly into the sky and save real airplanes.

But I can’t help wondering – how often do we downgrade our own Heavenly Father’s hero status? Do we ever say to God in essence when He offers His help, “Well, You can’t do THAT, but maybe you can do this.” Do we ever underestimate or doubt His abilities? Indeed He IS faster than a speeding problem and able bend any trial with His bare hands. Perhaps we need to trust Him more.

Just something to think about.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Karl. I think you are on to something important here. It causes me to reflect on trusting God for the answers to prayer, whether or not those answers contain positive news; that is, trusting God in healing and suffering.

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