A Day in Toronto

We spent a beautiful day in Toronto, Canada today with my brother and his wife and their new boy, Hayden. We went to Toronto Island Park and then Sara and I went to the rotating 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower to celebrate our 17th anniversary – it was very cool! (Especially the glass floor!)

Here are some photo highlights from the day. If you see an emphasis on the Blue Jay’s Roger’s Centre, it is because my brother, Jordan Bastian, covers the team for MLB.com. (Tomorrow I’ll be going to a game with some Canadian friends!)

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Luke arrives in Toronto!

Luke checking out the Canadian National Tower! (CN Tower)

Luke and Mommy on our walk to Toronto Island Park

Luke enjoys the Ferry Ride

Luke is quite used to putting up with all Daddy’s pictures!

But-cha gotta admit, this is one cute kid!

Contemplating the Vast Needs of the City

A Steeple Pointing Toward the Answers from Heaven?

Once on the island a Car Ride is discovered!

So is a high flying lift across the park!

But later Luke says his favorite ride was Uncle Jordan’s shoulders. Awwww.

Rainy weather sends us home, but soon clears up.

Soon Daddy and Mommy head out on a date!

The shadow of the Tower looms over the city!

As a Blue Jays game is played BELOW us!

They play into the evening as we eat and the restaurant rotates!

I decide on a possible side job!

The outside observatory is spectacular!

(and extremely windy!!)

Soon we are walking home. Babysitter said Luke will be put out in the hallway at midnight whether we are back or not! (Jordan!) Seriously, they were awesome, they took him to the park while we were at the top of the CN Tower. (First two pictures of this post were taken while we were up there!)

Looks like Luke had a great time with his Uncle Jordan!

And Aunt Kelly! Just for fun, here is this train yard from up above:

Yup, we were 1150 feet above them as they played below us!

And then there is one of my favorite pictures of the day. We were walking home from Toronto Island Park when I saw these giant orange letters and I said to the gang, “Hey, we have to go back! There is a giant “H” we have to pose Hayden peeking out from behind the giant “H!” We did get a good solo shot of him, but before first getting one of him with his favorite uncle:

“H” is for Hayden!

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  1. Looks like you are having fun and glad you and your wife could have a little get away time.

  2. My wife and I actually ate at the 360 Restaurant while a ballgame was going on. I took a pic. Didn’t know then, but some of my youth leaders were at the game and i could zoom in and see them… aww Toronto…how i love you!

  3. That’s a pretty powerful zoom lens to be able to actually see and recognize someone from straight above! Wow, you must have known exactly where they were sitting, amazing! I zoomed in on players and it was hard to make them out, though I didn’t have my SLR camera with me – wish I had!

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