Get a CLUE About Christmas!

Christmas Clue Hunt

Christmas Clue Hunt

Back by popular demand after the huge success of Resurrection Clue Hunt, it’s time to explore the true meaning of Christmas!

Our family played this game last night and had a blast asking, “Do you have Joseph with the Gold?” or “Do you have Mary in the Manger?” or “What about King Herod in the King’s Court?”

Mix and match different People, Locations and Objects and try to discover the missing clues to the Story of Christmas! When you are done – choose one of the complete devotionals to read to top off the play with some insightful Bible Learning!

Your kids will learn some things about Christmas they probably didn’t know. With twenty different devotionals and different missing clues, the learning will be different each time you play!

Ideal for church small groups as well as quality family time for the holidays.

So turn off the TV! (The Grinch and and Rudolph can wait.) It’s time for another round of Christmas Clue Hunt! Your kids can learn more about the AMAZING TRUE STORY OF CHRISTMAS this season!

Discover amazing facts from the Bible about:

People (8 total)

• Mary
• Joseph
• Baby Jesus
• Wise Men
• Shepherds
• Innkeeper
• King Herod
• Angels

Locations (6 total)

• Bethlehem
• Stable
• Nazareth
• King’s Court
• The East
• Shepherd’s Field

Objects (6 total)

• Gold
• Frankincense
• Myrrh
• Star
• Manger
• Sheep

For each there is a Bible Passage, a short description, custom illustration and a devotional that is available either immediately on your Smart Phone or Tablet via instant QR code, or PDF that comes included that you can print.

It’s Christmas Learning that is FUN for the whole family! (or church small groups or classes!)

Download: Sample PDF Devotional About Nazareth (143 KB)



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