July Family Table Talker Available

We live in a hurried culture, families are constantly on the go, and finding time to connect with each other and God’s Word is a challenge. There is no shortage of family devotional guides, but few families have (or make) the time for daily devotional. These Table Talkers are designed to make it easier for families to connect around the meal table for meaningful conversation around a monthly theme. July’s theme is GIFTS, but you can choose from any of the available themes. Learn more and get complete instructions and an overview of monthly themes at Kidology.org/tabletalker

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NEW: A Word from Wilbur

A Word with Wilbur is a 4 part short video series on Wisdom from the Nook of James and features special guest, Noduh the Wise One. These short 4 minute teaching videos feature Wilbur, introducing the topic of the lesson and then Noduh the Wise One provides deeper teaching and introduces the key verse, before Wilbur closes with a practical life application called “From the Word to the World,” challenging kids with a practical application from the verse. DOWNLOAD AT: Kidology.org/wilburwisdom HERE IS A SAMPLE: (Video 1) SCRIPTURE TAUGHT: James 1:5 Asking for Wisdom James 1:22 Doing Not Just Listening to the Word James 2:1 Treat Everyone the Same James 3:5 Taming the Tongue NOTE: If you use GO Curriculum, this video series goes with Unit 12, Lessons 1-4 and can be used as verse intruction or review. Verse slides are also pro

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