Little Pumpkin Goes to the Pumpkin Patch!



me and my little sister

Today we celebrated by little sister’s birthday by going with her family and some friends to a Pumpkin Patch!

Can you name these Veggies?

Just wanted to share a few pictures of this fun day as it was Luke’s first time at a pumpkin patch!

Enjoying being a Mom and Dad!

As we strollered in with a zillion other parents Sara commented, “I feel like we are now officially parents taking our child to a fall photo-op!”

The Pumpkin Family

One of the advantages of finally having a baby, is that I no longer get called “Punkin.” Sara always called me her ‘Punkin’ (that isn’t a typo, that is the official spelling of Punkin) But now, fortunately, the baby names have been transfered to the BABY! :)

Wow! A Pumpkin!

Can I Keep It??

Mommy with her little pumpkin!

Daddy shows Luke the TRACTOR!! Oh yeah!

Which pumpkin would YOU pick?

I have chosen wisely!

Lost in the Corn Maze!

The Birthday Girl with the Little GuyIf friends were pumpkins… I’d pick this family!

Time to head home after a loooong afternoon!

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  1. Thanks for a fun day.

    Love to you all,

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