Luke’s First Flight and Adoption Update

Well, it was OFF TO CALIFORNIA for THANKSGIVING! Unfortunately, my digital camera got stolen (along with my iPod and a ton of other valuable stuff in a movie theater) so I lost all my pictures of Luke’s first flight, first time in the ocean, and other sweet pictures, but fortunately, Sara’s camera had a few pictures on it, and we too some more on the flight home.

Luke almost didn’t make it through airport security when I admitted that he is known for carrying high levels of fluids!

But he made it through the x-ray machine with only a wimper!

We lucked out on both flights to have an empty seat between us, and Luke took to it right away not minding the seat belt at all.

He was so content, and never cried on the flight there or back, 4 hours each way!

We thought travel would be hard, but I think he looked at it as he got four solid hours of undivided attention, which is all he wants all the time anyway!

Luke simply LOVED looking out the window! He is very drawn to lights, and when we flew into LA at night the lights as far as the eye could see had him nearly breathless!

Of course he had to bang on the window and make some noise, but no one seemed to mind. (after they all moved four rows away… just kidding!)

I loved just watching him gaze out the window. I wonder how much (of anything) he could comprehend that he was seeing… probably not the height… but he was definitly intreged

We even were allowed to visit the cockpit and they gave him wings and a certificate for his first flight signed by the pilots and head flight attendant… oooooo… scrap book that!


Daddy and Son

It was a wonderful thanksgiving. Obviously, the #1 thing we are thankful for is LUKE – and please pray as NEXT MONDAY, DECEMBER 4th we will be appearing before a Judge in downtown Chicago, with the birth mom, and the adoption will be filed and then final after a waiting period of a few weeks. The long legal process may be over! Anyone interested in donating to Luke’s significant legal bills can write to him at babyluke @ for more info on his legal fund. BUT MOST OF ALL WE ASK FOR YOUR PRAYERS! Our prayer is that he will be ‘ours’ by his birthday in January.

Mommy and Baby

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  1. I love the pictures of him by the window. It must have been so much fun to watch him. :-) I’m surprised that you got to take pictures by security, but I’m glad you did because they are SOOOOO cute.

    Glad for the adoption update. I can’t wait till he’s ours. :-)

    Love ya all,

  2. Sorry your stuff was stolen, but I’m glad the legalities are nearing a close. Boy has that boy grown! A

  3. Praying for you all on Monday!

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