My Stupid Coke Reward

I usually consider myself immune from the power of advertising – enjoy the ad – but don’t buy because of an ad. However, I have found the My Coke Rewards commercials fun and entertaining, so when I found a coke cap on the kitchen counter (most likely from Sara or a guest since I’m a Dew Man), I thought I’d give it a shot and see if that cap could indeed bring me a vacation or car or some fancy technological gadget I don’t already have… So I went to the website and set up an account. I even made a bogus alias email so I can prevent spam and delete if they abuse the email address. (most likely!) I sign up, and guess what – it says I won the SOUNDTRACK TO PIRATES: AT WORLD’S END! I’m thinking WOW, I won with my first soda cap – maybe I will actually buy a Coke sometime. (not sure I ever have, other than at McD’s where you have no choice, I even tend to not eat where Coke is the only choice, I know, hard to do!) On my way to World’s End Now, if you read my review …

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Water Proof Phone?!

TIP: Never tell your brother your phone is water proof! Because when I was out to lunch with my sisters this week, that’s exactly what my older sister did… so of course I answered, “Really? Can I see it?” And dropped it into my water at Red Robin. Here is my sister’s phone half submerged! Now completely submerged! View from the top! Comes out dripping, but working! Even works open and with an incoming call! A toast to a water-proof phone! OK, for those of you who have to know more, check it out: GzOne Phoneand, no, I am not buying one. The next phone I buy will be an iPhone!

Time Flies When You Are Serving God

Saturday, May 12th, was one of those days that makes you feel old… but so happy too. It was a day of seeing another of my K.C. Krew kids getting married! The last time you’ll see “Cheek” after Krista’s name!Krista and Karl Today…. Karl and Krista in 1998! Cool Krista! (wearing a costume for Kids Church) Krista getting married, and that’s Sara’s dad doing the ceremony! This was a very encouraging day for me. You minister and invest in so many kids in your life, and you don’t always get to see what God does with their lives. Some you never even get to say good bye to, let alone, get to see them again years later. It was so nice to get caught up on what they are doing and how much they have grown up! Krista’s little sister Erin, Gwen, (me), Laura and Amy Joy. And YES, I have old pictures of all of them: (hope they still love me after this!) Erin back then! And Amy Joy too! I’ve got special stories with each of these girls, and it was fun to tell them over again at the wedding. Laura, second from the right, graduated from Moody …

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Happy Mother’s Day MOMMY!

By popular demand (seriously!), here are some pictures from Mother’s Day 2007: Mother’s Day began with a photo-op of Luke outside on the way to church…. Luke with Daddy’s Car… too cool. (the boy, not the car!) Trying to Look BIG and Tough (but too cute to pull it off) “What’s with the flowers, Dad, I’m a BOY!” Waiting for the women to be ready to leave for church. (get used to it, boy) And here is MOM with her happy boy on Mother’s Day! Luke gets his hands on daddy’s deck of cards… A magician in the making! Luke loves water, so the splinkers was the hightlight of his day! Luke helps daddy drive…. again. “Turn this way, daddy, according to the satelites!” We enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day relaxing at Sara’s parents, not far from the latest Chicago fire. It’s amazing how much Luke has grown since last Mother’s Day.

Luke’s First Light Saber

Luke got to hold his first light saber this week. It wasn’t his, it belongs to his kissing friend, but she let him hold it. It was a light up one from a circus… Without any instruction or prompting, he knew exactly what to do with it: Strong in the Force Luke is Attacking his father! Good thing it was only a toy! Being a dad is so much fun! Uh oh, gotta change a diaper now. Light sabers are fun, but there is the practical side to fathering too… peew, gotta go!

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