Happy Mother’s Day MOMMY!

By popular demand (seriously!), here are some pictures from Mother’s Day 2007:

Mother’s Day began with a photo-op of Luke outside on the way to church….

Luke with Daddy’s Car… too cool. (the boy, not the car!)

Trying to Look BIG and Tough (but too cute to pull it off)

“What’s with the flowers, Dad, I’m a BOY!”

Waiting for the women to be ready to leave for church.
(get used to it, boy)

And here is MOM with her happy boy on Mother’s Day!

Luke gets his hands on daddy’s deck of cards…

A magician in the making!
Luke loves water, so the splinkers was the hightlight of his day!
Luke helps daddy drive…. again.
“Turn this way, daddy, according to the satelites!”

We enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day relaxing at Sara’s parents, not far from the latest Chicago fire. It’s amazing how much Luke has grown since last Mother’s Day.

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