Then and Now (A Political Rant)

Here they are years ago… before anyone had any idea the damage they would do to our country:


And now, could it be? They might get another chance?


There is a reason Hillary doesn’t use her last name campaigning. but make no mistake, a vote for Hillary is a vote for lies and corruption even bolder than before. Let’s hope the People wise up before it is too late! Obama is the master at saying nothing very well, but Hillary knows exactly what she wants to do and that is what scares me.

But I don’t hate liberals. I feel sorry for them. For hope is in government, that is their flaw. They think, er, let me rephrase that, they feel that government and money can solve human social issues – even though no government program has ever solved ONE human social issue, and in fact, have only made things worse in the effort to help. Government does best what it was designed to do – protect citizens, defend the nation, prosecute criminals, preserve wilderness and build infrastructure. I applaud government whenever it does what it was created to do – but whenever it attempts to “fix” issues that stem from the flaws of the nature of man – look out, those very flaws corupt the very ones attempting to do the fixing and things only get worse.

As a conservative I believe in limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, a strong military and the sanctity of human life. I always fine it fascinating when I talk to a liberal friend (or foe) and ask what they stand for, and all they can tell me is what they are against. I say, “OK, I get you hate our President, but what are you FOR?” And I never have gotten a coherant answer. Either don’t know that liberals for for massive government, higher taxes, victim mentality mixed with a right to have what someone else earned, a weak military, the disposal of human life – or they don’t want to admit it. Instead, they tell me what they feel.

I feel too, but I allow my feelings to be tempered by thought. Not the other way around. Every person I’ve heard asked why they like Obama or H. Clinton who answer because they want “change” or because they feel they can do a “better job” when asked what they will actually DO always answer they don’t know. And that, my friend, is downright scary. Change is not automatically better. Change can be far worse. Especially ignorant change.

Please don’t get mad at me if you are a liberal and send me insulting e-mails – that will only prove my case. Instead, give me a calm reasoned argument for what liberals are FOR and my respect will grow up a notch from its current low position. You can be passionate without being insulting. But tell m, please, what liberals like Obama and H. Clinton are FOR without general platudes or adjectives that could mean anything. I dare you. If you can, you should run for President because the two leading Democrat candidates are apparently incapable of doing so.

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  1. I only defend my wife, and won’t defend your friendly neighborhood Democrats; however…. be careful with wide sweeping generalizations like,

    “even though no government program has ever solved ONE human social issue, and in fact, have only made things worse in the effort to help.”

    Careful there friend. I could take you to visit many a family that the government has single handedly picked up out of poverty and given them all the tools to meet their American Dream. I agree with the idea of it not being the cure-all, as only Jesus can truly do that; but don’t discount all that our government has done positive for our poorest of citizens.

    And I love you! :)

  2. Fair enough, generalizations are dangerous – but for every family the government has helped, I think there are many more they hurt by advocating themselves as the solution, a solution that can only work in isolated occurances. those who don’t get single handedly picked out are often worse off waiting for the government to come in and save the day when they could pursue the American Dream without the government. To me, the American Dream isn’t something the Government gives you it is something the government ALLOWS by getting OUT OF THE WAY. As a small business “owner” (as a non-profit, I don’t actually own it) I can tell you, I could do so much better and pay my employees so much more if it weren’t for the cumbersom regulation and fees that most people aren’t aware of if they aren’t in a position of being a business “owner” (owner in quotes again because I don’t “own” kidology, but i function as an owner) and it is worse for for-profit companies.

    Liberals TEND to make business the enemy and government the answer, when it is actually QUITE the other way around. Businessses employ and create jobs and better peoples lives, the government can only take and dictate, and that rarely has broad sweeping positive results, it can ONLY help in single hand-picked situations, a free economy and unleashed business can provide that for everyone and allow the poorest MORE opportunity than government ever can. Our government makes it more advantagious to stay poor and discourages the poor from getting un-poor by creating dependency on government programs. They get (some would say buy) votes this way, but they don’t truly help the poor this way.

    But I’ll not go on too long, this is supposed to be just a comment, not part two! :)

    and I love you too! :)

  3. you have nailed them. perfectly. they set themselves up as the free-er of people but they actually enslave their followers to forever “need” them but never actualy ever raise them out of poverty, but they do get their votes. it makes me so sad for the poor who buy all those empty promises. the sad part is, i think liberals ARE sincere, they are just so misled themselves. they cant see what a complete failure they already are, so they just keep doing what isn’t working harder.

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