A Sobering Day in America

I consider myself the most patriot person I know. I love this country passionately. Today my emotions are a mixture of deep sadness and anger – I don’t even know where to put them. Sadness for the families impacted today. My heart and prayers go out to everyone who is personally touched by the tragic events that unfolded in Arizona – I am simply stunned.

And anger at the way so many are politicizing this event. While politically I may have disagreed with Rep. Gifford on some issues, I had never heard her name before today, and I applaud her for being a politician who was holding a “Congress on the Corner” event. Being one who was desiring to listen to the people. I hope this doesn’t discourage our public officials from being accessible. Regardless of where anyone is on the political spectrum, what makes America Great is that we fight our political battles at the polls and not with guns. Whether it be the dramatic shift of 2008 that brought us Obama and his gang and the swing to the Left or the big swing back that just occurred with past November to the Right. Either way – we’ll swing back and forth again as we are a diverse nation and hopefully get some things done in the meantime.

What makes me angry is the people who politicize this horrible tragedy even before the blood of the victims has even dried and we even know the motives of this shooter. Too many are quick to be blaming Sarah Palin of all people instead of the young man with the gun when there were uses of the words “target” and “cross-hairs” and “reload” on both sides of the political spectrum during the election. (Already clearly documented today before websites were purged, which I researched and saw myself.) In hindsight, of course, everyone regrets this, and I’m sure in light of this, such language will be avoided in the future for sure. I was disgusted and shocked to read the tweets and comments on facebook and blogs!

In our shock and agony, why people jump to try and exploit this for political gain is both sad and sickening. Instead, we ought to be simply praying for the families involved and seeking justice against those who perpetrated it not attacking those who had nothing to do with it and are equally outraged by it. I’m sure many of those making such outrageous claims, had a Republican been shot, they would not be making the same claims about their own leaders being at fault. This blame game in America needs to stop.

It starts with us no longer blaming others for our own mistakes and failures. This disease of pointing the figure away from the one who did it to anyone else other than the one who did it has escalated to a national level and was on full display today in our nation.

Let’s make sure its not on display in our own life and homes too. It’s contagious.

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  1. You are a wise man, my friend. I agree with your observations. If I had the proverbial nickel for every piece of “targeting” imagery I’ve seen over the years…

    The venom expressed in many comments is indeed sickening. My prayers are with the families. May justice prevail.

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