What Happened to the Bible?

Jump over to DiscipleBlog.com where I posted a thought provoking article on what I am calling the Bibleless Trend in Children’s Ministry. I am certain if you teach children the Bible you will find it just might give you pause for consideration – or encourage you if you are not part of this rapidly growing trend that has rendered thousands of evangelical children’s ministries void of actual Bibles in children’s ministry!

Let me know our thoughts there on at this post. Go there now.

There is a great discussion on the post on Kidology.org Join the discussion!

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  1. So weird Karl, just talked to a mom about this. I think it goes beyond kids church thanks to technology parents don’t bring their bibles either.

    I have been thinking about this a lot today actually here are my unedited thought let me know what you think.

    Reading them is more important than bringing them.
    Bringing them only matters if WE provide a time to use them.

    What hinders us from providing time?
    shorter services
    different translations

    should we provide “pew bibles” for our kids.

    What about the younger kids who can’t read so hot yet.

    How does this affect memorization?

    Is rewarding kids (kids cash ect.) for bring their bibles and not having them do anything with them is teaching them to have a form of Godliness?

    just some thoughts I would love to get your input.

  2. I have created a discussion thread on this topic in the Kidology Forum – jump on over and jump on in!

  3. Very, very, very good post. So was your post on the DiscipleLand blog. I’ve been wrestling this out for some time now. For some time, I actually discouraged kids from bringing their Bible to church. Why, because we had Bible there for them to use at church and typically 1 out of 5 kids would leave their Bible at church. I’ve taught (not often enough) the importance of getting into God’s word on a regular basis. I’d challenge them to dust it off and open it up on a regular basis. I usually would have Bibles for the kids to use/practice, but I still encouraged the kids to leave their Bibles at home. I’ll have to stew on this one some more. I guess it’s my “need” to be in control, but I’m afraid if they bring their Bible to church, there’s too much of a chance of it getting lost or left in the car rather than at hand when they need it.

    I have; however, created small group experiences on other nights of the week where the main point was getting to know and knowing how to use our Bibles. The kids loved it and they did bring their Bibles to this.

    Karl, you did a great job at putting a spotlight on the issue. In our drive to become more High-Tech and seeker friendly, there are some things that should never change… regardless of church style or denomination. Good word!

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