My New Obama Logo, I Hope He Likes It!

It seems that I see a lot of Obama bumper stickers, so I’ve been thinking of getting one for myself so I can join the crowd, but I don’t see anything on the stickers that describes Obama’s political philosophy. Yeah, I know “Change” but he offers nothing of real change, only more extreme liberal solutions to problems that liberal “solutions” have created to begin with. (unless you only listen to the mainstream media who have forgotten how to research and report.) And can I just say, I LOVE to hear this man speak! He is the master at saying nothing so well! I always find myself agreeing with him since he says nothing of substance. How do people not see that he is hiding what he truly plans to do? It’s so obvious, it’s like a kid answering his parents questions truthfully when they are trying to get to the bottom of who broke the cookie jar.

“Yes, the Cookie Jar is broken. There are far too many broken cookie jars in America today! Something must be done about the lack of cookies in this house. Who is going to clean up the broken the glass? And what about the kids who never had a cookie jar to begin with? We must change how cookie jars are made and make new guidelines for where they are placed in kitchens!” (Um, yeah, but who broke the cookie jar?) “Um, well, I did.”

Liberals made most the messes we are struggling with, or they are simply results of a fallen world and things government can’t fix anyway. Some know this, and so are vague, others sincerely think they are the hope of the nation, and think taxes and programs will someday create utopia and can’t see how often these things make matters worse. And so much of the population seems to miss this obvious fact caught up in the sweet sounding substanceless speeches.

I want to help Obama clear up his message about what he is for, so I came up with a slogan that might work for Obama and you are welcome to print and use this to help spread his message of despair and gloom and doom for America, the country that his wife is only recently proud of now that her husband might be President. I sincerely hope this might help him get his message out:

I’m thinking of having these printed and selling them. Now THIS sticker would honestly describe what an Obama Presidency would be about! Defeat in national security, Decline in the economy by trying what fails everywhere it is tried and over taxing the economy and creating a a Dependency on foreign energy and a voting block that is dependent on the government for all its needs.

I’d much rather have a President who understands what made our nation great and who understands the true nature of freedom. Of course, I don’t agree with every position of any candidate, but I DO understand what it means to be a Republican. (On a side note, I’ve only met two Democrats who can even tell me what it means to be a Demoncrat, other than they hate George Bush, yeah, we get that already.)

Being a Republican means you believe in: Limited government, free trade, strong national defense, lower taxes, sanctity of human life, power to the states, and that the hope of our country is not found in government, but in the citizens who make up this great country. Republicans believe that government can’t solve problems, it creates them. It’s job isn’t to solve social issues, it is to protect us, preserve our natural resources, build and sustain infrastructure and provide public education. It isn’t to guarantee or redistribute wealth, it is to guarantee and spread freedom. That’s about it.

WATCH THIS INSPIRING VIDEO, Reagan had it right about what makes America great! Given our options this fall, I must say John McCain is currently our best hope to get American back on track.

UP-DATE: By popular demand (and a little bit just for fun) I did it:

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  1. :) Being a Republican means other things as well…

  2. Definitely not a complete list, I’m sure! And variations exist of course, but in general these are the main reasons I am a Republican. And I am in no way saying I agree with everything every Republican believes and does, that should go without saying, but unfortunately sometimes you have to state the obvious. :) I’d love to read what others think – too often Christians avoid discussing politics, we of all people ought to be able to discuss and debate and disagree in a Godly way.

    So have it – but be nice, I’m not the one running for office. :)

  3. amen brother. its sad how ignorant so many Americans are on political issues. thats probably why we are such a mess right now.

  4. Love the bumper sticker, Karl. If you sell them I’d buy one. I also appreciate your definition of what a Republican believes. I just wish some elected Republicans would remember! I agree that McCain is the best hope this fall, but I know it’s a vote I have to make, not one that I’m that enthusiastic about.

  5. Karl, love the bumper sticker. I’ve already printed some for co-workers and demoncrats alike.

  6. Must we stoop to this kind of stuff? I know political parties/candidates sometimes will talk against the other candidate in order to win – they tend to do that. But this post also comes accross as your doing that as well, though you may not intend to.

    I am not into politics at all for the most part, but I do believe that it may be best to simply say who you are for and why – and not mock or tear down the one whom you oppose in order to promote the greatness of the party you support.

    What I am saying is, simply state who you are for and I think that’s sufficient.

    I also personally think putting time and energy into making t-shirts, etc and selling them, etc is going a little too far. I think it further promotes what the church has done for years – going all out to make sure the world knows what we’re against, rather than focusing the energy on communicating what we are for.

    Karl, I thank God for you and for your ministry, and my words may come accross strong, but I think this is a bit much….

  7. Darlene, thanks for commenting. Not strong at all. I don’t intend to tear down any people, but IDEAS that are harmful must be addressed, if we are to learn from history at all, we must take IDEAS that are destructive seriously.

    as for the stickers… that took ten minutes to create if you are familar with and is mostly a joke, i highly doubt anything will sell.

    Discussing opposing views isn’t “to win” it is to defeat harmful ideas and policies. It isn’t about winning and losing, it is about what is best for the country and being willing to talk about it.

    I appreciate your concern, and I don’t intend to “stoop” low, i just wish to discuss politics. Your comment illustrates my point (in my other post) that when Christians discuss politics it often becomes about discussion whether we should discuss, how we should discuss, if we should discuss… and the issues, ideas and polices never get discussed and then the world is left to make those decisions without us.

    I still would love to hear ideas and policies discussed. (see my second newer post). But instead this is about me and how I write or if I should write.

    In the end, maybe I’ll learn I can’t blog about politics, but that is a shame. Politics isn’t most important, but it is very important.

  8. Karl, the sticker is hysterical and really does sum up what Obama believes. He wont come out and say it, but its there if you take the time to listen. unfortunately, not sure John McCain gives us much to be excited about either. But don’t make a sticker for him, please!

  9. nice sticker… people need to lighten up. you made me smile. the logo is actually quite politically astute but you’d have to know politics and Obama’s positions to get the significance of what you are saying in those 3 words…. i get it. i wont buy any but i will use that in describing why i wont vote for him.

  10. Great post! It’s nice to know that being a republican is okay, even in the Christian world. I like how you you describe what republicans stand for. Although, I think that kind of thinking is more conservative than republican. However, voting republican is the way to get those ideals across since there are only 2 parties that seem to really matter.

    I also like how you describe the way that Obama talks and your analogy of the cookie jar. The cookie jar sure is talked about, but in the end it’s kind of hard to remember the original point, which is “who broke the cookie jar?” That kind of speaking/thinking is a pattern I’ve also recognized in humanists. While what he says does have elements of truth that we can agree on, looking at Obama in his entirety is what we should do. And when we do, I think we will see that his world view is much different than what we are aiming for.

  11. It is now January 2011. I have been proven right by everything I said in this post. I could write a long comment here, but I won’t bother. History has written it for me.

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