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It’s been a fun week as Gus and I have been doing several CM Celebrity Podcast interviews! If you haven’t already, subscribe to our podcast and don’t miss out on these upcoming entertaining and informative podcasts coming in the next few weeks. Our interview with Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller from the National Center for Biblical Parenting is LIVE NOW and we’ve got some good ones coming in the weeks ahead, including AWANA’s Executive Director of Global Training, Larry Fowler; Author of Rock Solid Kids and the brand new Raising a Modern Day Joseph. (Do not hesitate, order now!) Sign ups for this FREE Podcast is growing daily, don’t get left behind! (Tip: If you listen through, Gus will give you $20! Details in the podcast only!)

Curriculum: Your Ministry’s Foundation

While the word “curriculum” may solicit yawns from many people, don’t underestimate the importance of curriculum on your ministry! The foundation of your educational ministry is your curriculum. Everything else hinges from and is built upon the foundation laid by your educational hour teaching material. How high and how deep and how broad your educational ministry will be is greatly determined by curriculum. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE CURRICULUM? THE WRONG WAY: Use what you have always used Let your teachers each pick their own Look at tons of samples and pickone based on what appeals to you Depend on curriculum promotions Use what some other great church uses THE RIGHT WAY: Determine what YOU would like to accomplish in your Sunday School educational program. List your educational goals List weaknesses with current material. Make a list of what you are looking for. THEN look at published materials that match your criteria. I remember when I started my previous ministry, our curriculum situation was a mess! Here was what we were facing: Every teacher used what they liked, over five published curriculums were in use, some taught without any published material. Repetition and Omission of Bible stories was not only likely, …

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Watermelon Joy

There’s just something about a boy and his watermelon. I love how everything Luke does he does with so much joy. There is nothing mundane or normal to him. What is routine for us is pure excitement for him. Whether it be simply getting dressed, taking a bath, picking up toys or eating a watermelon – he approaches everything with such a sense of adventure and joy that I wonder sometimes why we lose the pure satisfaction from the simple things in life. Why do we need vacations or thrill parks or something “new” or risk to excite us? What if we could find deep joy and satisfaction in something as ordinary as a watermelon? My boy has taught me that. My joy comes from sharing in his. The next time you have to do something ordinary or mundane… smile. Your Heavenly Father is watching and delighting in your life too.

HELP! Need Golf Advice ASAP!

HELP! I’ve been invited to a golf outing TOMORROW and, well, I need some quick advice so I don’t make a complete fool of myself. Below is a picture of my clubs that I inherited from my late grandfather. (from whom I got the name ‘Karl’ for being born on his birthday.) As you can see, they are literally from the middle of the past century when woods actually were made from wood! So I did go out and buy a new set today. While I could compete on the MPGA tour (mini golf) I have very little experiece with Big Golf. (kinds like Big Church to a kids ministry guy) I think I have a descent swing that won’t get me thrown off the course for leaving a trail of holes behind me, but any advice anyone might have, IM ALL EARS! Just post away in comments please! I’ll post later how it goes! PS This is the first post I made directly from my iPhone, with picture! Hey, it’s exciting to me, ok? UPDATE: I did OK. The advice to swing at 3/4th power really was the secret. I hoped to be under 10 on each hole, and …

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Lord, You Are… (Kids Version)

If you know the old worship song, “Lord, You are more precious than silver…” then you’ll like this new version for kids that I wrote years ago. It came out of Kids Concert of Prayer. We were singing this song, complete with “more costly than gold” and “more precious than diamonds” and it occurred to me that kids probably don’t care much about gold, or silver or diamonds, and even if they did, they don’t HAVE any, so its easy to sing about how God is better or more desired than these. On the spot, God gave me a new song – it just flowed out, and the cool thing was that as I sang it (quite seriously, not in a funny way) some kids cried out “NO WAY!” on lines like “more awesome than all my toys” or “more than Nintendo 64” or “better yet than my virtual pet.” Which helped teach the point, do we really love God more than these things? It reminded me of Jesus’ words to Peter, “Do you love me more than these?” My song would have to about loving God more than my Mac or my iPhone or my GPS or my convertible… …

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