Lord, You Are… (Kids Version)

If you know the old worship song, “Lord, You are more precious than silver…” then you’ll like this new version for kids that I wrote years ago. It came out of Kids Concert of Prayer. We were singing this song, complete with “more costly than gold” and “more precious than diamonds” and it occurred to me that kids probably don’t care much about gold, or silver or diamonds, and even if they did, they don’t HAVE any, so its easy to sing about how God is better or more desired than these. On the spot, God gave me a new song – it just flowed out, and the cool thing was that as I sang it (quite seriously, not in a funny way) some kids cried out “NO WAY!” on lines like “more awesome than all my toys” or “more than Nintendo 64” or “better yet than my virtual pet.” Which helped teach the point, do we really love God more than these things?

It reminded me of Jesus’ words to Peter, “Do you love me more than these?” My song would have to about loving God more than my Mac or my iPhone or my GPS or my convertible… would my heart say “NO WAY!”? I sure hope not! But it proved the point! (What would your song include?)

However, since I am leading campfire worship tomorrow night at a family camp out I realized I need to update the song for this new era

The words I wrote ten years ago were:

Lord, You are, more awesome than all my toys,
Lord, even more, than Nintendo 64.
Lord, You’re better yet, than my virtual pet…

Well, as you can see, todays kids may have never even played on a N-64 and most don’t know what a virtual pet is, at least not, the keychain ones. (They are now ‘virtual’ online!)

If you don’t know the original song, here are the original lyrics, followed by my revised kids version.

Lord, You are, more precious than silver,
Lord, You are, more costly than gold.
Lord, You are, more beautiful than diamonds,
And nothing I desire compares with You.

Lord, Your love, is wider than oceans.
Lord, Your love, is deeper than seas.
Lord, Your love, encompasses the nations,
And there’s nothing more I’d want inside of me.

So here is my new version of the complete song, and YES, you are welcome to use this!

Lord, You are, more awesome than all my toys,
You mean more to me, than my Nintendo Wii.
Lord, You’re better yet, than my Webkins Pet,
And nothing I desire compares with You.

Lord, Your love, is higher than the Sears Tower,
Your love is wider, than a giant plasma TV.
Lord, Your love, is better than Barney’s,
And there’s nothing more I’d want inside of me.

You really have to crone the “better than Barney’s” line, you can even slip in a “I love you boys and girls” in Barney the Dinosaur’s voice right after that and before the final line! Oh, and I did change “screen” to “plasma” to update the second verse, but other than that it’s the same. (Although way back the original version had “wider than the ‘Fridge”, something only Chicagoians would get from when the ‘Fridge’ played on the Chicago Bears.)

ANYWAY – just wanted to post these new words. Perhaps some others can use them in children’s church. The kids really enjoy singing a version they can relate to. And if you hear a “NO WAY!”, well, then you have an opportunity to teach what it means to love God more than everything else.

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