HELP! Need Golf Advice ASAP!

HELP! I’ve been invited to a golf outing TOMORROW and, well, I need some quick advice so I don’t make a complete fool of myself.

Below is a picture of my clubs that I inherited from my late grandfather. (from whom I got the name ‘Karl’ for being born on his birthday.) As you can see, they are literally from the middle of the past century when woods actually were made from wood!

So I did go out and buy a new set today. While I could compete on the MPGA tour (mini golf) I have very little experiece with Big Golf. (kinds like Big Church to a kids ministry guy)

I think I have a descent swing that won’t get me thrown off the course for leaving a trail of holes behind me, but any advice anyone might have, IM ALL EARS! Just post away in comments please!

I’ll post later how it goes!


PS This is the first post I made directly from my iPhone, with picture! Hey, it’s exciting to me, ok?

UPDATE: I did OK. The advice to swing at 3/4th power really was the secret. I hoped to be under 10 on each hole, and only got double digits once (an 11 on some stupid putts), and averaged under 8, so I was pleased! It was the first time I golfed in over ten years, and I’d been less than 10 times before that. I ended up with 66 on 9 holes. (we didn’t do 18, but doubled that would be like 132 and I wanted to be under 180!) Plenty of room for improvement! :o)

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  1. OK, the first thing is to leave your iPhone at home…then I would think SLOW..Slow Swing or make it feel like you are swinging slower than you usually do..make it about 3/4 of your normal swing tempo…. over 90% of golfers who do not play golf on a regular bases will tend to attempt to swing the golf club fast thinking it will make the golf ball go further. What quick tempo will do is send the club out of the swing plane and you make a glancing blow from the side of the ball with a weak open club face..the ball goes nowhere though the swing was faster than Tiger Woods…My suggestions is to think SLOW…then after your round of golf think FAST by getting in a big hurry to going to see your local PGA or LPGA professional and take some lessons..I have a feeling after this round you may get invited to play in more golf outings. Cheers

  2. drive for show-putt for dough.

    Seriously, don’t worry about long drives or hitting it BIG. Easy swings and let the club do the work. Just try to keep it in the fairways

    And have fun!!!!

  3. fake sickness and pull out now!

    or just have fun and practice yelling “FORE!”

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