A Little Advice (for myself)

As I was reflecting today (a combination of praying, panicking and planning) God gave me a message that I just needed to post, mostly for myself – though if it encourages you, then so be it.

I’ve just completed Day #2 of “Operation Mr. Mom” – nine days solo with my boy. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind ONE BIT, in fact today was a perfect day filled with church, a special meal out, lots of love and cuddles and playful fun and even a a boat ride for dinner courtesy of a friend who loaned me their pontoon boat for the evening. I’m not complaining, but I am thinking about how I’m going to do this week. I’ll do less work, for sure, by design as well as necessity, and I refuse to farm the boy out (though I’ve had many offers!) but it’s tough enough on the boy having mom gone so long, I want to be around as much as possible; after all, he’s used to having mom when I’m out of town.

Anyway, I was thinking through everything on my plate, current projects, the usual constant communication load, and then not only keeping up with the boys constant needs (can’t I just change his diaper once a day?) but also the house, I’m not going to let it all go until the wife gets home, I’d like to grow in my appreciate of her by doing what she normally does while caring for him – yes, I want to keep up with it all, and yet I am acutely aware of my own limitations! So I was “reflecting” (as defined above) when God gave me a simply message. Ready? Here it is:

“Start and end each day right, and you’ll be able to handle whatever happens in between.”

That may not seem earth shattering to you – but for me it was rather profound. Because I am too quick to allow my day to start rushed from sleeping in to the last possible minute, and allowing work and tasks to keep me up too late. (those two bad habits, of course, feed each other.)

So instead of making a list of tasks to do this week, I’m instead making two list: 1) What it means to start my day right and 2) What it means to end my day right.

I won’t share those lists with you – but let me encourage you to make them yourself. Already, I have a peace about my week as I have determined how I will start and end each day. Somehow the in between isn’t so daunting now. And part of ending well means going to bed, so…


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  1. PK-
    Why not make one of those days “help the boys inside”? See if you can get some friends to help you straighten up the house, do a little yard work, and maybe a something special project for your wife for when she comes home? Make it a “man day” and have fun with it!

  2. If I invited others to come “straighten up the house” my wife would probably shoot me, though it really doesn’t need much straightening, its more just keeping it nice while she is away. :o) The yard is beautiful, so I’m out of luck there… but we did do a project today for mom. (cant say what it is, as she may read this!)

    But, yes, every day is “man day” and we are having a blast!

  3. Looks like Luke had a great time. Thanks for the reminder of how we should start and end each day. So easily they seem to be forgotten.
    Have a great time, what is most important to any Mom while away is that the boy is safe and happy so if the other stuff gets away from you don’t worry just enjoy the time with Luke!

  4. good one! thanks! have fun this week.. I know you will!

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