Luke Goes to Luke’s!

Well, Dadddy gets to go to off to work and other places, and usually Mommy is home alone with the Little Boy for hours on end… so today, Dadddy kicked Mommy out of the house – sent her off to do whatever she might enjoy while Daddy played Mr. Mom all day… and what fun we had!

Here is the sweet little boy sleeping like, uh, well, like a baby. But getting to this blissful state takes a little work sometimes. One of my favorite tricks is cuddling with the boy having quality bonding and lovey time, and then pullin’ the old bait n’ switch… little boy falls alseep with Daddy only to replaced by pillows!

To master this Daddy move, Verrrrrrrrrrrry slowly first replace the arm under baby’s head with one pillow, keeping your hand on baby and face close in case he peeks…. then slip away holding his hand and replace your body with another pillow. Finally, help him clutch the pillow case thinking it is your shirt… and your FREE!

They do eventually wake up and figure out they’ve been had…. but that’s ok, got some work done! Next it is time for some motivational training and self esteem boosting watching the video of himself loop while I get the bottle ready.

After a little Mac OS training…. (he loves downloading baby music from iTunes), it was off to lunch!It was a beautiful day so we decided to cruise in the PK Cruiser with the top down, oh yeah!

And what better place to go then, LUKE’s!?!?!?

Already Luke can taste the yummy food he’ll discover inside!

Hmmmmmm…. hot dog? burger? brat?

Sooooooooooooo many choices!

I suggested he chose from the Kids Menu but….

but once he saw the picture of the Chicago Style Dog….
oh, boy, did THAT look good!

In the end, Daddy and Luke shared a cheeseburger and fries!

For some reason, he didn’t seem to want a bite of it!
Oh, well, more for Dad.

But, of course, he DID help himself to some of Daddy’s Dew!

Uh, oh… baby’s wakin’ up again… and he’s discovered he got tricked again! Gotta go!!

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  1. God’s timing is often too good to be true! Today I read a quote which of course reminded me of you and Luke, which of course, was reaffirmed by reading this post! Here is the quote: “The single most important thing infants need for their mental health is a caregiver who knows them well, responds to them as a unique individual, and is crazy about them.”- Charles Zeanah, quoted in Child magazine.

    I think you are creating a genius.

  2. This post cracked me up especially the picture of him looking at the kids menu. Too Funny!

    I was driving Parker to Kung Fu and we drove past Luke’s restaraunt and wondered if that is where you guys went for lunch. I have a feeling we’ll be going there more now.

    Loved the post. Let us know what Sara did. I noticed her car was still gone when we got back from Kung Fu. I’m glad she is able to have a day out just hope it doesn’t cost you too much!!

    Love you,

  3. Ahhh… what a nice daddy and husband. I love the pics. It was great seeing you guys and finally meeting Luke. What a cutie! Not as cute as mine, but really close :)

  4. ct lady….
    a genuis who drinks dew! ha!
    this is tooo cute! keep em coming!
    Shell in Florida

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