Hittin’ The Oregon Trail

I’m excited to be heading to OREGON this weekend! If you live up in the Great NorthWest* – I hope you can drop by for some great training!

Download FULL SIZE PDF Flyer (2.3MB)

I’m in for a BUSY weekend! I’m doing a Family Program on Friday Night – one of my favorite presentations, “Lions, and Bears and Fire, OH MY!” It’s an evening of laughter and comedy and story telling that encourages kids and old folks alike to enjoy whatever age they are – and to realize that they are part of HISSTORY! It was born out of an invitation once to speak at an author’s assembly for Order of the Ancient and I thought, “How can I just talk about my book for an hour – how boring!” (Even though my book is quite exciting, mind you – I wasn’t going to read it!) And I didn’t want the assembly to be a long commercial for my book. So instead, I did what I knew the kids in my ministry loved most – my story telling, and I wove it around the reasons WHY we love stories in the first place and revealed the SECRET FORMULA of a great story (I’m not revealing that here!) and wa-la – it turned out to be an awesome assembly I have turned into a regular Family Program!

Then Saturday is the Rogue Valley Children’s Ministry Conference and I’m doing three Keynote Address:

  • Kidology 101: Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators
  • Making Your Discipline Problems Disappear!
  • YOU! The Missing Piece in a Child’s Spiritual Puzzle!

Then, on Sunday morning – I not only get to teach Kid’s Church at Bethel Church at Vista Pointe – but I just found out after church is a Bring a Friend Party that I get to attend – and I’m event bring a puppet friend with me! (I mean, it IS a bring a friend party!)

It’s going to be a great weekend, and I can’t wait to board the plane! I DO hope some of YOU can hook up with me up there on the Oregon Trail!

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  1. I’ll be there, along with some of our volunteers. Have a safe flight and we’ll see you Saturday (and yes, I’ll be wearing my Kidology button!).

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