FREE Online Training

Looking for FREE Online Training? Looking for help to be better equipped as a teacher in your Sunday School or other children’s ministry venues?

Did you know that offers FREE Online Training Webinars?

Dick Crider and Karl - Kid U 2005

My good friend and a very wise and experienced children’s ministry guru, Dick Crider, who has decades of teaching experience both as a professional and as a father and grandfather, provides LIVE online training seminars via DiscipleLand that you can sign up for and attend FREE of charge.

HOWEVER – attendance is LIMITED so it is important to sign up in advance for the online workshops that interest you.

For a complete list of the ONLINE SEMINARS or other training opportunities available from “Professor Crider,” visit DiscipleLand’s Training Events Page for complete details.

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  1. I met Dick in1989 when how was with David C. Cook! He used to come to the Christian book store I worked in to update us on products and do VBS workshop! Great guy with lots of wisdom!

  2. He’s a great guy with a lot to offer. His workshops always got rave reviews at our Kid U conferences!

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