A Real Stand-Up Apple Employee!

Another reason to buy anything Apple makes – they stand behind their products. I had a weird issue with my iPhone (I won’t bore you with the technical problems) and called Apple Care. When they were unable to resolve it over the phone, I made an appointment with the Apple Genius bar. They worked on it for an hour and couldn’t solve it. (So it wasn’t just me!) So what did they do? Blame me like always happened with my Palm Pilot or some other software (like nearly every PC tech support used to do to me) they simply gave me a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW iPHONE! Yup, I walked out with a new phone!

They even let me stay 30 minutes past closing to help me. Their current window display is a bunch of cut-out Apple employees looking eager to help. On my way out I tried to stand there and blend in so I could stay overnight and play with all the Apple stuff – but in my red jacket I was quickly discovered and showed the door. But not before one of the employees agreed to pose for the picture below, since they DID blend right in!


(Click for Larger Image)

So, can you spot the REAL EMPLOYEE? If you need help, you can view the image larger. If you really can’t figure it out. Here the same picture without the real employee (but only look as a last resort!)

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  1. Karl, I got it right without cheating. Glad your phone works now. Were those apple staffers stand up comics? Banrey

  2. I got it right but I will admit only after blowing it up. I am debating on this whole iPhone thing. It would be a hard switch to at&t, I love alltel. By the way I had the same experience (a good one) with my iPod.

  3. Dude, you are too funny. i would have never had the nerve to ask that guy to stand there like that. you crack me up.

  4. I can spot it! Is that the new(er) deerpark store? I was just there!

    We did not have such a great experiance with Ace’s iPod they basically said, “Yep, its broke. Can we interest you in a new one?”

    So he had to wait till X-Mas to get a brand new 160gig.

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