Three Ring Circus… and then the Circus!

Today I got to visit TWO ‘three ring’ circuses! The first was Grove City Nazarene:

RING ONE: The Adult Worship Center

The adult service was amazing. This Sunday was the most moving baptism service I have ever been in. By the end I was crying… the lady next to me asked if I had family being baptized and I sputtered “I’m from out of town, I don’t even know any of these people.” :) I’ll definately be filling my church staff in on how they did the service!

RING TWO: Club 345 (Grades 3-5) That’s Kim Bobb!

Kim Bobb and the Band were bobbin’ to familiar tunes… before a powerpoint lesson and skit followed by small groups. Of course, in the free time before hand, I had a chance to teach the kids the finer art of speed stacking…

Learning from the Master Stacker.

RING THREE: Pastor Gregg and Faith Factor! (Grades 1-2)


The Children’s Pastor is Pastor Kimborah Bobb. I had a great time talking with her about how Grove City integrates the family into the overall ministry of the church.

Kim Bobb and the Kids Matter logo.

It’s obvious at Grove City that kids DO matter!

Then it was off to the REAL three ring circus…

This guy could lead children’s church!!!!!

Clowning around in Ohio!!
older daughteryounger daughter
(First clip: 4.4MB – Second clip: 3.2 MB)
(This was the best act – a dad spinning his daughters on his feet… I can’t wait to try this back home the next time I’m horsin’ around with kids!!)

VCBKIDS: Video Greeting From Pastor Karl!
(from the circus, 7.4MB QuickTime)

If you are in children’s ministry leadership, don’t skip the GROVE CITY PHOTO GALLERY, it is an amazing ministry, and the photos contain a ton of ideas… and stories for later.

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. WOW Karl. I don’t think I have ever benefited so much from someone else’s vacation as I have from yours so far. Love the pictures from Grove City. Keep those kinds of pictures a coming.

    Every morning I can’t wait to check in on your travels. Stay safe and have fun.

    Pastor Todd

  2. Your crazy Karl, how did you take that pic. of the house and your car? you were stopped right? not
    Don’t worry about your Children’s Church Mark and I burnt it!!!
    HAHA keep up all the COOL pics.

  3. I held sara out the window so she could take the picture!!!

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