As soon as my plane hits the tarmac in Chicago, I am already thinking about when I will be able to hit a Portillo’s hot dog restaurant. Famous for their themed restaurants, great food, and speedy service, Portillo’s has been a family favorite of mine since 1993! (Don’t miss the Chocolate Cake Shake!)

While I may be almost religious about getting some Portillo’s on every visit to Chicago, there is certainly nothing spiritual about a great bacon cheeseburger or crinkle fries or a large ice cold Coca-Cola. Which would explain my surprise on my recent trip to Chicago to see a Gospel Presentation on every table!


But there it was, as plane as day! Instructions on how to be DELIVERED from the burden of sin. It’s as simple as A-B-C.

I couldn’t believe when I read, “Delivery is as easy as…”

A – Appetite. ADMIT your appetite for sin and realize that no sin will ever truly satisfy. Know that ALL have sinned, and fall short of God’s perfect standard. That’s the bad news. The Good News is that Jesus came and only he can truly satisfy and He has paid the penalty for our sin.

B – Big Decisions. Jesus may have died for the world, but salvation isn’t automatic. Upon learning of what Jesus did for you, you have some Big Decisions to make. Are you going to continue along the wide road that leads to desctruction, or choose the narrow way that leads to life? Life is all about the Big Decision of what you will decide about Jesus. To be delivered, Admit your Appetite, Consider the Big Decision, and then…

C – Call. Yup, it’s that easy! Call on the Name of the Lord and you will be delivered! No more punishment for your sin, no more condemnation – 100% delivery upon calling.

They even provided a phone number to call!

NOTE: If you call that number to ask how to get to heaven, I’m sure whoever answers will be confused and say, “Um, we just do catering.”

But the Gospel is everywhere – for those who have eyes to see!

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