In a Jiffy…

Well, we hit the road for our last church visit of the sabbatical – in Michigan. Nice to be in the PK Cruiser again. We left Chicago enjoying sunny skies. However, being home for a few days reminded us of lots of stuff we need to DO, so hitting the road one last time was nice. We will be soaking in this final trip up! (hopefully not a pun with rain in the forecast!) We were delighted to discover one of Anakin’s hang outs along the way….

Strong in the Force is this place!

Soon we got to our destination – guesses? Well, here is a hint:

It’s the JIFFY CAPITAL of the WORLD!

That’s right! Look on your Jiffy Mix box – that’s where we went! To visit Pastor Jeff Bradley a long time friend I met through Kidology. Jeff won our first conference contest on Kidology and got to go to the Bahamas with Sara and I (and his wife Carol) for the Children’s Ministry Conference Cruise.

Me and Jeff in the Bahamas in 2002.

After we got to our destination (have you looked at the jiffy box yet?) we were bummed to have rain in light of our plans for Monday!

Rain’s not stopping us from putting the top down!

I will be posting on Pastor Jeff’s church later (posting this quickly while driving.) We are now on our way to Cedar Point, but we did manage to stop for a fun visit to “Cabela’s” a huge outdoor sports store, and battled some bears!

Can you spot all four ferocious bears?

We are now enroute and Sara is driving. Pray for NO RAIN at Cedar Point tomorrow!

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  1. I have never posted a comment but I have been folllowing you and Sarah in your trip with my husband Alex from home in front of our PC from Argentina!!!!
    Thanks for posting all those pictures and comments. You make us laugh and think how big is our LORD!!!
    Go on and God bless you!
    Natalia Manago

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