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OK, OK, just to get my brother off my case, I’ll blog already! I’ve been pretty busy!! It’s been hard to find the time, plus I was UNPLUGGED from the Internet from last WED-SAT! What have I been up to??


Once again, it was time for another VCB STAFF MINI GOLF TOURNAMENT. Of course, who wins doesn’t matter – it’s all about the fellowship.
(since I didn’t win)Pastor Dave is still trying to repeat his amazing victory from 1999 when he was in second place (behind me) and won first place on a hole in one on the 18th hole!!! AND it was on a steep drop with NO way to aim. At best, anyone could get a two par, but after his lucky shot, I missed my two to tie him trying to tap in an amazing tee off (did I mention down a steep drop?), and ended up in a miserable second place. Pastor’s Dave’s victory was TOTAL LUCK and while I have completely forgotten about it and moved on and finished my counseling on it, I just thought I’d mention it.

Pastor John won our last time out, but this time the Force was not with him.

Pastor Jim is pretty good…

though his golf balls do seem to prefer water over grass…

Pastor Tim did the Canadians proud with a strong finish…

Even our office manager, Retta, proved that those from
Down Under can putt!

But the winner went to Dick, our business administrator, who I believe is a first time mini-golfer with us, though he is known to be out of the office on ‘environmental studies’ quite often that are rumored to take place on golf courses.



Next, I headed off to Camp Timber-lee where I have been a camp speaker for kids camps every year since 1997, often for two weeks. It is an AWESOME CAMP! Incredible activities for kids, great food (!), and a wonderful spiritual atmosphere. This year was a little different, in that, instead of being a daily camp speaker for one week, I did a magic show on Wednesday every week of camp for both kids camps and junior high. While I would prefer to be a camp speaker (I love the relationships, getting to know the kids, and not just teach, but play with them, getting to know them, etc.), I enjoyed a change of pace and got to see a lot of kids that remembered me from previous years. I was amazed at how many campers I still remembered their names (or nicknames). Getting to go to Junior High camp was awesome too – about half the campers knew me from kids’ camp. Normally, I’m a little nervous to doing a magic show for junior highers (and usually would NOT do a puppet) but these junior highers would chant for Gus, so it was a good thing I had him along! I hope to be a camp speaker again next year, but this was a ton of fun!

Then it was off to a camp ground for our annual Kidology Staff / VCBkids Leadership Team camping trip. We combine the groups because, well, most of them are part of both in some way either as employees of Kidology, board members, volunteers at church, etc. It is a great time to play together, and get to know spouses and kids better.

The hammock is my favorite spot, ‘cept when Max threw a football while I was asleep as a joke and hit me right in the nose!

My annual BB Gun range with my arsenal of .177 fire power is always a hit!

A trip to a local beach on a lake was a blast. It was in the low 90’s – a bit hot for me – but everyone seemed to have a great time,
between black outs.

I did some doodlin’ in Olivia’s sketch book…
that is Half Dome and Mirror Lake…

and what is a children’s ministry (or Kidology) related event without Speed Stacks? Here I am demonstrating Speed Stacks, and yes, my eyes are closed. Just one of many ways to try and make it fair if one handed or upside down cups doesn’t help my poor opponents win. :)

But my favorite is and will always be the singing and sharing around the camp fire!


Then Sunday, it was the K.C. Krew year end party at Master Ron’s house – Ron did Kids Church while I was on sabbatical… and his wife is Kidology’s bookkeeper. Anyway, it was an awesome day at their house which is on a lake.

Ron did some juggling for the kids, like these flaming torches!

Then we went out on their pontoon boat.



Me practicing my Karate Kid Dive!


I decided to jump off and swim all the way back to the beach….

That didn’t last too long, I made it half way, and then hitched a ride!

Ron let me drive the boat!

What a fun week this has been! I am so blessed with so many beautiful children in my life. Their smiles, laughter and energy are an inspiration. I may not have any kids of my own yet, but I sure am lucky to know so many terrific and wonderful kids!

Then it was time to head home. As you can see, I’ve been workin’ out!
And yes, Sara was there with me the whole time, but she took most of the pics!

There, Jordan, is that a long enought blog for ya? :) SEE why I’ve not had time to blog? Been havin’ too much fun! Now it is 2am and I am going to bed!

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  1. Yeah, I guess that’ll do. I still don’t see why it took you so long to update :) j/k I loved camp timberlee when I went there in junior high. Sounds like you had a blast.

  2. Wow, lots ot stuff. And I’ll withhold my comments about Timber-lee for a change :)

  3. Hey sweetie. I enjoyed reading this one! Am glad to see you liked my pictures enough to post them on your blog!

  4. How fun! I can see that you’ve had no probs getting back to “work” after that tough sabbatical :-)

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