A Jumbo Night at Awana

As you may know from following my blog (past posts linked at end) I’ve been working as a consultant for Awana and Speed Stacks on an exciting project to incorporate Sport Stacking into the Awana Circle Games! The Awana Sport Stacking Kit is now available for churches with Awana Clubs, and this fall the Lord opened the door for me to serve as the Game Leader at my son’s Awana Club so that I could implement this new program first hand.

I decided to wait a month and get to know the club, the leaders and kids a bit before introducing something new – but last night I introduced the concept of Sport Stacking in Awana by introducing the Jumbo Stacks and a few of the games that use the giant cups. If you are a member of my Awana Game Time Facebook Group, you get a link every week to my PDF Game Plan, but if you aren’t, here is a link to my Game Plan for last night. Even if you don’t have an Awana Club, you may enjoy this group as there is a LOT of Game idea swapping going on!


Some instruction on Sport Stacking is important to help kids learn the basics of cup handling so that they can be faster in the long run – and we’ll do that next week – but rather than start with instruction (since kids want to PLAY!) I started with some games that could be done with little instruction since we were using the Jumbos. (I remember announcing Jumbos in 2009!)

If you have the Awana Sport Stacking Kit, we played: Tower Relay (Sparks), Jumbo Pyramid Relay (Sparks and TnT) and Mumbo Jumbo Blast (TnT)! (Cubbies played too, just not official games, see Game Plan linked above.)

Here is an edited video of how the evening went. To keep it short, I edited out a lot of the instruction, but I think it is pretty easy to figure out the rules/game play from watching the kids play.

If you don’t have an Awana Club, but are interested in doing some Jumbo Games with your kids, you can get Speed Stacks equipment including Jumbo Cups on Kidology. You can get a set of Red, Blue and Yellow Jumbos which they have had for years, but now, because of the Awana colors, you can also get Green Jumbos separately.

Here is a video from the Trial Church’s DVD Last Year where I explain the history of why I have been pursuing this partnership between Awana and Speed Stacks and am so excited it is now a reality for churches. (Around 50 churches tested the program last year so we could refine the games and rules before launching nation-wide.)

More Info on Sport Stacking and Awana:


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