A Mad Scientist Party! (it runs in the family….)s

No, not being mad, but being creative. My neice, Tricia, just turned 8 and her birthday party (as usual) was one of the most creative I’ve been to. (see last year’s Western theme pics) My sister, Melissa (above), goes ‘all out’ and creates the most fun birthday parties for her kids. This year was no exception as Tricia chose a Mad Scientist theme. The best compliment I heard was when one dad at the event said, “This party is like the ones you see in movies and you think, ‘no one has parties like that’, but I’m at one!”

Of course, I came and got into the spirit of things as the Wacky Professor Wipplestowski.

I was in charge of the Sandy Candy lab. I actually didn’t get to see everything due to workin’ my lab, but the kids rotated through several labs doing really cool and fun experiments.

Wonder what these kids are cookin’ up?

Looks kinda GOOOEY to me!

You gonna actually EAT that!?!?!?!

Future food scientist in the making.
(that’s what his dad does for a living!)

(The Birthday Girl)
I wouldn’t drink that if I was you!

CAREFUL THERE BOY! You might blow up the house!

Watching a volcano ERUPT!!

Professor Parker having a profound thought!
(Birthday Brother)
Pictures by my lovely wife, Sara, who is going to kill me when she sees this picture, and probably make me delete it from the blog… so if you are seeing this – count yourself lucky!

A few membes of the Mad Bunch!

See all the wacky pictures in the gallery

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  1. wish i could have a party like that!

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